Armed robber picked the worst possible target, a Marine combat instructor

An armed robber learned the true identity of his intended victim just a few seconds too late.  Little did he know that he was about to pull a knife on Aaron Jacobs, a Marine combat instructor turned owner-operator of a BP franchise.

Jacobs suffered some minor scrapes while disarming the robber, but his only real concern was the damage he caused to the cigar stand and chip rack while owning the would-be attacker.

His only regret? He didn’t hurt the scum bag bad enough. “I wish I could have put him in more pain, apprehended him and dislocated his shoulder,” said Jacobs in an interview with local CBS affiliate KCTV News 5 in Kansas City. “I don’t think he was expecting to run into someone that was going to be aggressive. I don’t think he thought I was going to throw him into a chip rack and almost break his arm.”