Being ejected out of your boat whereas it’s underway is a scary and life-threatening scenario.

Falling overboard whereas docking can produce laughs, however may also result in severe accidents ought tothe individual within the water come between the dock and the boat.

Flying out of the boat whereas touring at excessive speeds is much more harmful as a result of there’s much less time to react, and the boat will proceed on until you’re sporting a kill change.

On this week’s video, Greg’s bass boat goes airborne (about 1:20 into the clip) after he hits a wake whereastouring at roughly 70 mph.

He’s ejected and results in the water unconscious.

Fortunately he was carrying a life jacket and a kill swap.

Keep in mind, regardless of how good of a swimmer you’re, it doesn’t matter when you’re unconscious.


[VIDEO] Someone Got Fired For Every Clip In Disastrous Boat Fail Compilation

Boating is the backbone of global trade which often goes unsung or taken for granted.

What many people don’t realize is how dangerous and destructive navigating our planet’s oceans can still be today, despite advanced technology and equipment.

That’s what makes all of these accidents and slip ups involving boats that much more jaw-dropping is how much these things will ultimately cost to fix. Definitely coming out of someone’s paychecks.

Captain CRASH 6 Boats Crashed in under 45 Minutes A NEW RECORD by a CREDIT CARD CAPTAIN

Unfortunately, mishaps like this are not a very rare occurrence in the BVI’s…

This was just an extreme case and we happened to have the camera running from the onset.

Still amazes me how many of these bareboat captains are completely unqualified to operate these vessels, yet the bareboat companies keep renting them out without proper screening… and this one damaged 6 boats in 45 minutes, 4 of them private vessels like ours. Guess as long as you have a credit card…

Alaska fishing boat – NO DOCK NEEDED

I’m gonna guess they’ve done this before.

That boy’s is how real Alaskan fishermen load there boats no joking around just load and go…and they are all so nonchalant about the whole procedure.

Watch Tyler`s other videos and you will understand why it works best to come in on step to maintain control of the boat yes it is little dangerous but with a skilled pilot and a skilled recovery crew it works well it can also be dangerous for the boat operator and the recovery team if the pilot is indecicive and going going to slow and swamps the boat in the process.

That was a hot loading! Awesome to watch.These guys and that pilot have it all together! Smooth landing and quick recovery!

Enjoy in the video

When twerking goes horribly wrong! BEAUTIFUL Girls On A Boat

A bunch of young guys and girls are having fun on their boats.

At the beginning of the video you can see a skinny girl twerking in the rhythm of the music.

Then another girl joins her. It seems like one of the guys could handle one skinny girl twerking but when the other came it was too much for him.

Overjoyed by the view he tried to come to the other boat where the girls were twerking.

He obviously felt dizziness by being so close to those hot girls and felt like he was shot.
Click on the video to see what really happens.

Crash on the Big O lake Okeechobee

Crash on the Big O lake Okeechobee

Boat crash running the pass to monkey box.

I love how the people on the boat that did the filming immediately blames the other boat. Um, pretty sure you were both morons. Always someone else’s fault though… that’s the world we live in.

This went without any injuries!

Luxury yacht crashes the docks twice while trying to moor

Dutch Yachting have shared astonishing video of a Luxury yacht crashing multiple times on the docks while trying to moor.

Before being sued the captain of this boat should be forced to stand at attention and then get punched in the face by everyone who owns a boat moored at this marina.

These idiots don’t care about $$$$$$. But a punch in the face? That’s something that would restore balance to the universe