If You Are A Biker, Norman Reedus Has A Few Special Messages For You

Always be Prepared

“Know where you’re going, be prepared and just have fun – let go!”

Meet the Locals

“You can call ahead and use the internet, but a lot of the time, the very special places are from people who go riding their bikes around the area all the time and the people you meet along the way. It’s always best to leave room to ride along with the locals.”

Be Safe

“I personally think motorcycle riders are the safest people on the road. Most people who have been in a wreck I know were hit by a car. So, just be aware of where you’re going and who’s around you all the time.”

Go Off the Beaten Path

“The best places to ride are away from the cities. Go out and go someplace without traffic.”

Watch Your Mouth

“Don’t chew gum in a full face helmet, which I do all the time. You’ll bite the inside of your mouth.”