Dangerously high current melts tools in seconds

A pair of brits with more tools than sense decided to see just what high current would do to a basic tool kit.

With samll transformer and just three turns of a 95mm cable around their colloidal they’ve made one of the most dangerous DIY experiments we’ve ever seen.

Watch steel tools melt like butter before your eyes in this ridiculous video.

Do not try this at home, especially over carpet!


8-year-old girl drives backhoe like a pro

This 8-year-old girl from Ifugao is an absolute badass.

After her backhoe video went viral, many social justice warriors assumed she was being forced to work in some sort of child labor conspiracy. ABC News tracked her down and found that assumption couldn’t be further from the truth.

Little Aubrey Ayan simply loves playing with heavy equipment and has a father who encourages her interests. Her father, Kim Ayan, works in construction and Aubrey rides her bike to meet him every day after she’s done with school.

Aubrey’s mother Ligaya Rose is just as supportive. Aubrey told ABC News that she wants to be an engineer when she grows up. It looks like she’s off to a great start!


Inventive farmer couldn’t afford one so he built his own

Tired of breaking his back chopping wood, an inventive Polish man built a device that did 90% of the work for him.

Using little more than a metal drum and his tractor, this farmer built an incredibly effective wood cutter.

The drum has been cut into a spiraled edge that cuts into the log as it turns. All he has to do is feed the branch through to have an instant pile of firewood.

Check it out in the video below, but watch your fingers!


Tank stops, turns, and fires directly at the cameraman

What appears to be a sub-sonic finned missile is fired in the general direction of a camera. Everything else is up for debate.

This video has been making the round online with some folks claiming this video was taken by a terrorist is Syria, others claim it is a piece of Russia propaganda or test footage, and conspiracy theorists claim it is completely fake since the round is traveling too slowly to be real.

While some folks scream “CGI!” others rationalize that a sub-sonic projectile could be easily seen and that a telephoto lens with high zoom would make the distance between tank and camera much father than it seems.

Either way, a tank turn and fired something directly at a camera. The resulting footage is still badass regardless of whether or not this happened in actual combat.


Linear Friction Welding is An Established Niche Technology And Highly Recomended

Linear Friction Welding (LFW) is an established niche technology applied by world leading gas turbine aircraft engine manufacturers to fabricate bladed disk (blisk) assemblies.

The main challenges are associated with the surface area that can be welded, due to the high forces required, and the control of welding parameters to ensure accuracy of the finished part. TWI has been involved in projects to manufacture blisks, to use LFW for additive manufacture and in the development of hydraulically actuated machines of varying sizes to serve the growing aerospace market.
TWI has been involved with LFW for over 30 years, and it is at the forefront of process development with the research & development community, the machine manufacturers and industrial end users.


Tractor Fails So Terrifying Watching Them Is Illegal In 97 Countries, WATCH Wearing A Helmet!

Oh boy, these are some insane tractor fails.

In fact, these failing tractors are the greatest tractor crashes, wrecks, and sad happenings of the entire last year.

Click play and check out four minutes of idiot tractor fails that include a tractor pulling a big ol’ water tank crashing into some roadside trees, a farmer in some south-east Asian nation popping wheelies in a flooded rice paddy, another tractor with a high center of gravity crashing into the rear of a sitting tractor, a tractor dancing on its rear wheels in (I think) India, the craziest tractor tug of war you will ever see, a tractor speeding right into a deep river sans driver, and a horrific tractor trailer at the 1:22 mark that will give you nightmares 4ever!



Tank rolls over a bomb!

Back in the year 1980, the main battle tank for the US military was the M60 but with the cold war at its peak, the US knew that they needed a new player on the battlefield in order to compete with the sophisticated Russian main battle tanks.
Their response was the legendary M1 Abrams Battle Tank which ever since then has been one of the best weapons in the US armament.
Over the years this machine powered by an astonishingly clever design multifuel turbine engine has received all sorts of upgrades like the latest in composite armor, a blowout compartment which made sure that crew safety reaches the highest standards in the field, and an ammunition storage which is kept separate to once again make sure that the crew survives any kind of attack.
The result is a very sophisticated 62 ton battle vehicle which is capable of handling all sorts of attack, which in this video gave the crew so much confidence that they just roll it over an IED.
Thanks to all the afore mentioned technology, there is not even a scratch on anyone inside this beast, check it out.


7 Heaviest, Most Epic Transport Feats In Human’s History! Very Interesting!

This is some hardcore, heavy stuff! Have you ever seen hundreds, or even millions of tons of material moved? This video details seven of the most epic transport feats in human history and it`s pure gold.

The lightest one of these is a huge magnet, 50 feet in diameter!

The magnet took 35 days to transport over an astounding 3200 miles of land and sea routes, just to get to its destination where it researches muons, tiny subatomic particles.

At a price of 25 million bucks just to get the job done, it`s a pricey operation, but it`s totally worth it!

The heaviest of these epic transport achievements is the Troll A sea platform. This is a huge, 300 feet high natural gas platform and it`s the largest transportable object in the entire world! Since it was build, it has been supplying 10% of the entire production of European natural gas, and that`s just a mind-boggling amount! It weighs an incredible 50 million tons and it was moved 50 miles over five days by 10 towing boats at incredibly slow speeds of about one knot per hour. Now, the platform stands halfway-buried in the North Sea, producing gas for Statoil.

At last, it’s time to see some fails when it comes to heavy transport. Check out this video to see how a military truck gets rear-ended while transporting a giant missile.


You Can Remove Rusted Nuts Just By Using A Candle And A Lighter

Life hacks are all over the internet these days, and there are some that are extremely good and usable and some that are just plain dumb and useless.

To be honest with you, this one sounded like the second version of tips and tricks, but wait for it…

Once you play the video you will not be able to believe it probably but once we read the comments bellow, it actually sounds like this simple trick actually works.