When you see a train rolling down the tracks and a vehicle stuck in its path, generally it’s not going to be so good for the vehicle as the train will plow through it and just keep on rolling until the brakes are able to do their job and bring the heavyweight to a halt down the tracks a bit.

This time, however, we stop in a situation where an 18 wheeler hauling an excavator seems to have become stuck on the tracks and when a train comes bearing down on the construction equipment, it isn’t exactly a situation where it’s able to keep on moving with this momentum.

Instead of plowing right through it, the train instead comes to an almost immediate halt, taking all of the momentum from the super heavy transportation and bringing it down to zero. That one had to leave a mark for anyone who was on board and probably flew forward in the process.

Check out the video down below as the abrupt stop is all captured on camera. It sounds like the people on hand didn’t even know what to think when the collision happened! I’m not really sure that I would know what to say in a spot like that, either.


Say Goodbye To Ramps And Scrapes With These Remote Control Airbagged Trailers!

Getting your lowered car on a trailer has never been easier, well aware that we might sound like an infomercial, we still have to show you this great product that will help you say goodbye to all you loading and unloading problems that you face every time you try to load a vehicle on a trailer.

The limitations on the airbags, are rated at 4 400 lbs. so as long as your car is bellow this threshold you won’t have a care in the world.

The trailer has all the other amenities like LED taillights and an electric winch for those times that your lowered vehicle refuses to get on it voluntarily. Play the video and see the magic happen.


Linear Friction Welding, So Simple and Sensible

Linear Friction Welding (LFW) is an established niche technology applied by world leading gas turbine aircraft engine manufacturers to fabricate bladed disk (blisk) assemblies.

The main challenges are associated with the surface area that can be welded, due to the high forces required, and the control of welding parameters to ensure accuracy of the finished part. TWI has been involved in projects to manufacture blisks, to use LFW for additive manufacture and in the development of hydraulically actuated machines of varying sizes to serve the growing aerospace market.

TWI has been involved with LFW for over 30 years, and it is at the forefront of process development with the research & development community, the machine manufacturers and industrial end users.


This critical dyno failure is what happens when a diesel has had enough

Look out! This very large turbo diesel apparently has had enough of this dyno run. After just a short run, although at very high RPM, the entire top end explodes skyward.

The smoke maybe should have been a hint at what was to come but no one ever expects this catastrophic of a failure in the sterile conditions of a lab.

These technicians sound like they jumped out of their skin.

This Gatling gun exhaust is as real as it is amazing!

This Gatling gun exhaust is as real as it is amazing!

Changing and altering the visuals on a car has long been a way to express some sort of individuality among the thousands of others, not all of them are worth noting honestly, but this Gatling exhaust is just too different not to note!

What about you, if you could have one free modification done to change the look of your car, what would you want done?


The MOST EXTREME RollerCoaster! Pure Excitement At The Six Flags Magic Mountain Amusement Park!

The Six Flags Magic Mountain amusement park can be found about an hour drive north of LA. It`s known for its wide variety of roller coasters.

All of the roller coasters are smartly placed around a huge artificial mountain that is located at the very center of the amusement park.

You can find roller coasters for adrenaline junkies but also coasters that are family friendly.

In this one, of course, we are going to focus only on those roller coasters that can blow your mind away. The video by the YouTube channel Rocket Jump, shows various thrilling roller coasters the amusement park delivers.

The entire video is made during Rollercoaster Day which is a holiday invented by these two adrenaline enthusiasts. This sure sounds awesome. Rollercoaster day is all about the thrill of g-forces and riding coasters.

However, both of them were very surprised to find out that many people took this seriously and showed up at the Six Flags Magic Mountain Amusement park.

It was filed with adrenaline junkies who are filled with enthusiasm, happiness and adventurous spirit. However, you won`t believe your eyes when you see the rollercoaster that has a missing loop.

We don`t know if this is real or not but it sure looks extremely scary!


Watch these diesels destroy themselves

If you saw a truck billowing smoke at a light you would probably just roll your eyes. There go those coal-rollers again! But sometimes, a diesel billowing smoke is not a product of a bored county boy with more money than sense, but instead an engine eating itself from the inside until it is thoroughly cooked.

 To understand what is happening here, remember the basics of combustion: Fuel, air and spark. In a gasoline engine, the spark fuel and air are all controlled by various systems that can be shut off by the turning the key or letting off the accelerator.
A diesel, however, uses compression instead of spark to ignite the mixture and some don’t regulate airflow either. It is these engines that can be at risk of runaway.

If an outside fuel source is introduced, like a blown turbo seal dumping oil into the air intake, the engine will become uncontrollable since cutting the regular fuel supply does not starve the engine of any of the three components of combustion.

The result is an out of control engine that will only stop after consuming all of the fuel or catastrophically failing mechanically.

 While it isn’t as common as it used to be due to better engine design, all it could take is a bad turbo seal and you too could have a big problem.
In event of a runaway, Auto Evolution says the only way to stop it is by cutting the air supply either with a CO2 fire extinguisher aimed at the intake, or physically blocking the airflow.
Of course, extreme caution is required when approaching an out of control, smoking, possibly oil starved engine revving at high speeds. Hopefully it will never come to that.