The Most EXTREME Heavy Duty Equipment FAILS Make For A Great Video!

No matter how much we try to protect ourselves from them, we can never totally eradicate accidents, there is always some element which will cause something to go wrong.

And when huge machines have a fail it can cause huge disasters and the results are extremely expensive damages, so at times you feel for the guy that is going to be paying up for that accident or fail.

In reality many of those huge expensive machines are insured and it is the insurance company that will be taking on the bill but sometimes when it’s operator fault you know somebody is going to be losing their job because of that huge dump truck ending up with his wheels in the air.

Check out one of the most expensive fails compilation videos, and yes we agree, they could have chosen a better music for it but it is still awesome.

(Video) Crane Operator Finds His Wife Cheating. What He Does Next Is Crazy

Here is a story to cheer up your day.

Whenever someone does something vicious to you, you want revenge.

It is simply human nature.

Even if you know revenge is not the right thing to do. But every once in a while you get that revenge and it is a plate best served cold.

A man who operates a crane for a living found out that his wife was cheating on him for a while with another man. So he decided to get the ultimate revenge. He chose to use the power of the crane to exact that sweet revenge.

The boat that is owned by the man who is sleeping with the crane operator’s wife is being used as a wrecking ball to destroy the man’s car and mobile home.



In this video you see what happens if you choose cheap rubberhoses instead piping for an DIY Turbojet engine!!

The machine was still under construction when this happened while testrun and so i decided to use steeltubing for the final construction.

Check it all out below!


The Great Explosion With The Biggest Single-Piece Tire Inflation Cage

This “live action” video shows the OSHA Certification explosion testing of our latest tire inflation cage that is designed for large Earthmover and Agricultural tires.
The 29.5R25 L-3 Earthmover tire with its three piece steel wheel are inflated to 150-psi and then experiences a sudden release event inside the cage.
Watch the cage absorb the explosion and contain all of the tire and wheel components exactly as it was designed to perform at regular speed and in slow motion.
New features of this inflation cage are “PATENT PENDING”. Cage part number 36011.

Diesel Firewood Processors Are the Absolute Business

We love seeing serious strength and horsepower applied to everything, even when they aren’t cars!

Check out this incredible log cutting then splitting fire wood producing machine! It’s powered by a 453 Detroit 4 cylinder that can put out 105 HP!

We’re not certain who made this or where it is but we’d all love to have one of our own for the winter time!


Nothing Freestyles Better Than a CATERPILLAR

There’s all type of Free-styling. Rappers freestyle, jazz musicians freestyle, poets even freestyle. Caterpillar??

There no is freestyle more impressive than this.

Caterpillar, the iconic American brand, makes amazing front loaders. They’re even more amazing when doing its own version of freestyling.

However, PERFECTION!! That’s what you call Stellar Knowledge of Balance.

What do you think, how many loaders he fuck** practicing that? Watch the video!



Are you interested in welding stuff?

If you’re then you MUST check the video below because what you’re going to see in this may help you take your welding skills and knowledge a step further.

This video below offers a simple and basic guide to introduce how to use MIG welding technique. Developed in the 1940’s, MIG welding technique involves using an arc of electricity to make a short circuit a constantly fed anode and a cathode. This particular technique is commonly employed to cut or simply weld a wide range of metals, including cooper, nickel, stainless steel, aluminum and magnesium.

Check out this educational video and learn more about the MIG technique!