This farmer took matters into his own hands by spraying poop all over protesters that were trespassing on his land.

So just a few days ago Emma Thompson and her Greanpeace buddies broke a court injunction to hold a protest and film some silly hippie tree hugger type video to attempt to stop fracking on this land that is leased by this farmer.

Well needless to say the farmer wasn’t having any of that nonsense, so he got out the tractor and just sprayed them all down with poop. Lots of it. After this check out another farmer owning people trespassing on his land.



Heavy Equipment Disasters Caught on Camera

Pay close attention and watch specifically for icy plunges, black holes, and a tractor being torn in half.

Those are just a few highlights of this compilation, brought to us by YouTube channel awesome compilation, which as you may have inferred, specializes in compilations that are awesome!

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[VIDEO] Metal Shredding: The Machine that Eats Engine Blocks and Transmissions

Certain engine and car parts are pretty damn tough.

In fact, engine blocks alone are typically so dense and heavy that they have to be removed from most cars prior to demolition and break down to scrap metal. So what destroys the engines themselves?

The answer is this machine that looks like it’s straight out of Hell itself. It’s got the power, strength and teeth to rip these things apart.

Not So Eco-Friendly Giant Two-Stroke Diesel Sulzer Engine Start Up Caught on Camera

The giant single piece engine you’re going to see in the video presented below is a turbocharged two-stroke diesel engine that is built by the well-accomplished Swiss industrial manufacturing and engineering company Sulzer.

This excellently designed engine is among the most powerful and most efficient engines on the planet. It weighs 15 tons, works so smoothly, but not so eco-friendly.

Scroll down, check out the video and see how this giant mechanic miracle of human mind works!


Watch: Repairing a $30,000 Tire Is an Insanely Complicated and Satisfying Experience

Repairing a $30,000 Earth Mover tire is not nearly as simple as fixing a flat on your Hyundai. Dozens of steps are necessary.

Watching it all go down is an experience comprised of buffing, skiving, scooping, filling, stripping, stitching and more oh-so-satisfying steps.

The footage below was filmed by REMA TIP TOP Company, a German company that specializes in manufacturing equipment for this sort of industrial size tire repair. But the process of fixing one of these big ass tires is less about tools, more about expertise and patience.
 It’s a good thing these ridiculously expensive OTR tires come with a 4,000-hour warranty because no one should have to go through this very often.
It seems like it would be pretty stressful to actually do this. Lucky for us, it’s actually quite relaxing to watch.


The Easiest Way To Remove Rusted Bolts And Nuts! Watch!

From time to time, you will definitely encounter rusted bolts and nuts during your auto repair especially if you do not bring your car to an auto shop as frequent as you should do.

I never seen this method used anywhere! Easily remove rusted nuts and bolts avoiding the snapping and drilling aggravation. He also included an example of how to if you had a snapped off one. Working on rusty things – this is a must see video!

And just in case one of the bolts got snapped, don’t worry, he will also give us a helpful instruction on how to get rid of such matter.

Feel free to watch this video and see how much will it help you in case you encounter the same issue with your car!