Hydraulic Press VS. Bulletproof Glass – Place Your Bets!

Today they came up with another oddly satisfying video where they’ll try to break a bulletproof glass with their famous machine already.

Last time,when they tried to crash that safe,we got a little disappointed because we thought that the safe will remain untouched but it got crashed in just one second.

Unlike the safe,this bulletproof glass resisted to that powerful machine.In the first attempt it got just some cracking ,the same damage a bullet could cause to it.

In the second attempt it got crashed a little bit more but it was still there,able to protect again and able to resist even some more action by the hydraulic press.

Watch the video below and see what happened.Don’t forget share it with your friends and leave us your opinion about what happened.Enjoy!



The Inventor Of This Water Engine Was THROWN IN JAIL After Making This Video

Those who believe in  conspiracies have a pretty strong point here. Inventor Paul Pantone was jailed after making this video. Paul delveloped a small engine that runs on 80% water plus a variety of other things (and yes, it works).

Paul was offered money from some big oil groups for his patent. Paul’s stipulation was that the invention be used to help man.


11 Wngines You Might Not Know About

Here are 11 engines you might not know about.

If one thing unites and fascinates all kinds of gearheads, is our passion for finding strange and novel engines, as well as learning about older designs like the Adams Farwell, or reading about engines that introduced a new technology, such as the Oldsmobile Jetfire.

This constant search of trivia and factoids that make up half of our conversations is one of our many hobbies as gearheads. We find it entertaining to acquire and spread these cool snippets of automotive knowledge, and we do so with gusto.

In the video below, there are 11 engines you might not know about.


This Excavator Operator Must Have Balls Made up of Steel!

How do you get a huge excavator down a cliff without joining the choir invisible? With an elevated anxiety level and an incredible difficulty of course!

But, apparently this is not the matter for the badass operator you’re going to see in the video below. This video, which is known to be captured in Sabah, Malaysia, demonstrates an orange Hitachi Excavator that moves towards the edge of a hill and extends its arm over side. The skillful operator then forces the bucket of the excavator into the ground below him and uses it as an anchor. He must have balls made up of pure steel!

Check this cool footage and enjoy!


WATER WHEEL GENERATOR For Free Electricity For Your HOME! Using Just A Water Wheel & An Alternator!

In this video we will show you how water wheel works to produce power. This is new wheel the old one had been beat up pretty good over the years, He made a few improvements to the design. thanks for watching.

Great engineering!

Some of your power of the water is lost with it hitting the end of the boards on the water wheel instead of in the catchment. Meaning when the catchment part of the wheal is right in front of the spillway the water hits the flat end of the wood (making that slapping sound).

If you could figure out a way to get the wheel lower (possibly digging out the area right below the spillway) so that the water is spilling down into the buckets instead of straight into them, you would use all the force of the water and not risk the slapping slowing it down and in really slow water flow times you would get better turning of the wheel. Hope this helps your productivity.

Your thoughts?

This Mining Truck Shows Off Its Unique Steering System

The next time you see some perfectly drown circles on the ground near the mines, do not blame it on aliens first.

It is not a phenomenon at all and it could possibly done by one of these trucks, The MT-240 truck by EFT. ETF developed a unique steering system. All wheels are steered at low to medium speeds reducing tire wear, while at higher speeds the last two axle lines gradually change to nearly rigid resulting in better stability.

ETF trucks are equipped with a special speed-proportional steering system. At very low speeds, such as when spotting the loader, the system requires only two turns from lock to lock. The whole system works automatically without interference from the operator.



Crazy Car Destruction Ever! Driller vs. Car

The Bay Shore Systems TR 150 Drill, mounted on a John Deere 470G excavator, is a hit with powerline contractors due to its low overhead clearance, high torque, and transportability.

As the video begins, the force of the excavator and weight of the drill alone crush the car nearly into the ground. What a waste of a 70’s Oldsmobile. Check out the video below and tell us what do you think of it!

GIGANTIC Diesel Engine Shakes the Ground After 30 Years

It has been thirty long years since this Enterprise DSG-36 has seen the light of day and two years ago, the behemoth engine is started again to breathe life back into the old machine.

Thirty years ago Enterprise DSG factory has left their production and after this period they bring a decision to woke up one of the best antique motor.

What is more impressive is that 30 Years ago this company produced really expensive motors during Second World War and it was diesel. Above all and after all changes during times and changing the ownership, they produced really quality engines for many decades.

Now after all of that and after long time, thanks to company’s history you can check this video which part of the same one.