Metal Is Now Easy To Bend Thanks To The Amazing HEBO Machine!

We use several products everyday never truly realizing the time and effort that went into creating them. In this video we get a look at the HEBO machine that is capable of bending metal into any shape you desire. With HEBO, you can do a lot of FORGING, like Smooth Tapers, Fishtails and Spearheads! You can twist metal and really create anything your brain can imagine using this metal bending machine. Engineers all over use this machine to help make their jobs easier including the people we see constantly making customizations to cars! Click the video below to observe all of the amazing things this machine can do!


Smokestack Demolition Goes Totally Wrong And Falls On Tractor! What A Close Call! Sickest Excavator Fail So Far!

Buildings and other structures need to be knocked down when they are no longer needed. The demolition engineers are making a very sophisticated plan in order to do that. Safe and efficient demolition requires much! Not only careful planning. The “when and how” of demolition work to be done is exceptionally critical.

And that is why top notch demolition professionals are needed! We need successful demolition! But a successful demolition is not the case in this video here. In fact, we can see a smokestack demolition going totally wrong! Were there real demolition professionals included in this demolition? We really don`t know. But the demolition taking place is far from professional, that`s for certain! You will agree in a moment.

In order to bring down a structure you need a dynamite or other types of explosive. Got that? Then, the demolition experts carefully and strategically place the dynamite on the structure they want demolished. When the explosive is activated the building should fall on itself. However, that wasn`t the case here! Because, when the demolition experts activated the dynamite, the building failed to collapse! The smokestack demolition totally failed! Shame right?

But, this is where a certain hero comes in action. After the explosives failed to bring down the smokestack, an excavator driver nails it! He decides to drive into the smokestack in order to bring it down! Smart move? Of course not. If that is not a bold move we don`t what is! However, the unthinkable happened and the whole smokestack collapsed down over the excavator! Fortunately, the excavator driver managed to leave this accident unscathed! He is really lucky to be alive from having a close shave with death!

At the end of the day, this excavator driver got what he wanted and the Smokestack Demolition was complete. Make sure to watch the video below as the smokestack goes down in a totally wrong direction! Isn’t that crazy?



Awesome 5D Water Cutter Will Blow Your Mind To Pieces

Waterjet – innovative cutting technology – Abrasive Waterjet technology is the most innovative of all currently available cutting technologies.
Waterjet machines can cut practically any material, ranging from the very soft such as foams, gels, sponges, through to harder materials such as plastics, composites, rubber, leather, soft metals such as aluminum, brass, copper, carbon steel and stainless steel, and ending with heat-resistant and hardened steels, ceramics and cemented carbides.
Waterjet can also cut glass, stone, granite, marble and ceramic tiles which are among the hardest most brittle materials encountered in industry.
The thicknesses of the cut materials reach up to 200 mm, which is inaccessible for the majority of other cutting technologies.

One of the principle advantages of Waterjet machines is that the width of the cutting gap is very small, less than 1 mm, which allows cutting out of extremely intricate shapes and precision cutting of corners.

These machines are used primarily in metal and stone industries.

Waterjets are further exploited to cut building components such as stairs, window sills, kitchen or bathroom worktops, elements of tombstones and monuments etc.
The five-axis version allows the inclination of the head in such a way as to enable cutting with an inclined wall.
Five-axis Waterjets are used in the metal industry, where chamfering is required for welding. The stream of water is combined with abrasive and can pierce through the hardest materials from the inside so that it may cut the object closed without a need to enter into the material from the outside, as is the case of cutting by wire.


When you picture welding, you might picture lots of sparks flying everywhere and a skilled professional putting in work to get the job done.

With sub arc welding, however the scene is completely different as it’s all automated and a lot cleaner of a process as the welds come together flawlessly.

Check out the video below that shows off this process and tell us what you think of this clean cut process as compared to traditional welding.