Jay Dobyns knows the Hells Angels like his own family.

That’s because for two years, he was one of them — or at least they thought so.

“I played pool with them, drank beer with them at their clubhouses, held their babies, slept at their houses,” he said.

“I was a Hells Angel. I was a part of their world.”

From 2001 to 2003, Dobyns was a United States federal special agent working undercover to delve into the operations of the world’s most notorious biker clubs.

After performing a “murder,” — which he actually faked using lamb’s blood on a fellow agent — Dobyns gained approval from them, became a full-patched member and managed to make his way into the group’s inner circles.

It was a convincing act in a dark world of violence and crime.

Dobyns was shot in the chest, got caught up in riots with rival clubs, befriended murderers and rapists and rubbed shoulders with the organization’s elite.

He became the first law enforcement officer to successfully defeat the club’s multi-layered security measures, according to his website. His infiltration resulted in police bringing down 50 of some of the most dangerous club members. Dobyns — who tells his story in the New York Times’ best-selling book ‘No Angel: My harrowing undercover journey in the inner circle of the Hells Angels. — knows what Hells Angels are capable of and it’s not pretty.

“That same guy who I sat across the table from, the same guy whose baby I held, he cut off a woman’s head because she wouldn’t have sex with him,” he said.

“Most of them are good guys as long as you’re doing what they want. But cross them and you’ll pay the price.

“That’s what they’re like.”

Yet, many men across the world are drawn to the patch and try desperately to become a biker club member, he said.

“The initial attraction is the romanticism of that culture. You want to be the rebel, the modern-day cowboy. It’s the sexiness, the glamour of it,” he said during a telephone interview from his hometown in Arizona. “But when you become involved in the Hells Angels, you quickly realize that it’s international organized crime and the stakes are so high.

“The reality is it’s a nasty, dirty, grimy, blood world.”

This province hasn’t been excluded from the Hells Angels’ influence.



This Wynnum Biker Has Been Stopped Over 21 Times Since He Bought His Harley!

Police harassment has hit an all time low in the town of Queensland, Australia.

It has finally become evident to motorcycle enthusiast from all over.

This after a viral video was posted of a biker being obviously harassed by multiple police for wearing his clubs vest.

To say this is upsetting would be a major understatement.

One of our fans sent a link to this video a couple days back, and it got the guys in an uproar.

We watched the whole video, and shared the same looks of disgust for the entire clip.

Harley Davidson rider James Evans, who has been stopped a startling 21 times since buying his fatboy motorcycle in 2012, finally filmed his latest incident. Queensland Police Media have responded to Jamie’s video saying riders and the public have “nothing to fear” from the increased police presence. Jamie is a member of the Misfits Social Motorcycle Club and wears a “Misfits” vest when he rides. “I’ve been advised by the police on many occasions to take the vest off, but I will always wear my vest. I’m proud of it,” he says. However, the harassment has now got to the stage where he says he can’t take his nine-year-old son for a ride. “How do you explain to a nine-year-old that police aren’t bad but I ride a bike so they see me as being bad. He’d lose any respect he has for the police,” he says. Despite the grilling by several police, Jamie filmed the whole incident and managed to keep his sense of humor.



A ‘reckless’ biker who did wheelies and sped along a busy road at up to 175mph has been jailed over a crash that left a 16-year-old girl with life-changing injuries.

Adam Wilde, 29, was part of a group of seven motorcyclists going from Southampton, Hampshire, to Weymouth in Dorset in May last year when he caused a collision that injured himself and three others.

Daniel Lincoln, 21, and Nima Biniaz, 19, were also charged with dangerous driving after being caught in footage that was captured on a camera carried by the group.

Lincoln’s footage shows Wilde and Biniaz slowing down before accelerating off at speed.

They can be seen performing wheelies with oncoming traffic nearby and overtaking on a solid white line. At one point the pair narrowly misses colliding with each other.

Bournemouth Crown Court heard the group made two stops in the run-up to the crash where their conversations were captured on camera.

Wilde, who had Georgina Saville, the 16-year-old girlfriend of one the group, riding pillion on his Suzuki 1300cc, can be heard boasting about his speed saying ‘175 in fifth gear and still more to go’.

Miss Saville can be heard telling the others ‘don’t encourage him, I’ll die’.

Lincoln’s speedometer showed his bike travelling at up to 95mph – but he was often left trailing behind the more powerful bikes meaning he did not capture the crash on the GoPro-style device.

Georgina Saville, pictured, was left in a coma for two weeks following the horror crash

The victims have little or no memory of the crash but an accident investigator who examined the scene on the A35 dual carriageway near Dorchester said Wilde’s Suzuki had attempted to overtake and run into the rear offside of Kieron Kimber’s 125cc Aprilia.

Mr Kimber, 24, came off his bike and Jonathan Attree, travelling behind, ran him over before coming off his bike.

Mr Attree suffered a broken hand but Mr Kimber, 24, had a severely broken lower right leg, which is still in a metal cage a year after the crash.

He also suffered a broken arm, torn liver and kidney, broken finger and partially-severed big toe.

He initially spent seven weeks in hospital and has had 12 operations since the crash last May.

The Suzuki carried on, locked together with Mr Kimber’s bike, before Wilde and Miss Saville fell off.

The 16-year-old girl then slid along the road for 57 yards at an estimated speed of 61mph, according to investigators.

She was rushed to hospital by air ambulance and suffered two bleeds on the brain, severe damage to both of her arms, which required major skin graft surgery, and a large open wound to her abdomen.

Her right arm was almost amputated at the scene and she had to have a metal plate fitted to replace her elbow. She spent two weeks in a coma and has so far undergone at least 30 operations.

Miss Saville said: ‘From the day I woke up from the coma I couldn’t understand what was happening.

‘Nothing will ever make what happened okay, he was playing with my life in his hands.

‘I have lost the ability to write and cannot continue my passion for drawing.

‘All for one man to be reckless on the road and show off.

‘Justice will never be done, he took away my A-levels, my job, my elbow, my life.’

The court heard Wilde must have been travelling at a minimum average speed of 82mph while Mr Kimber was averaging 52mph at the time of the crash.

The Suzuki kept going for another 354 yards under its own steam after Wilde had fallen off.

Wilde was also injured, suffering a fractured shoulder blade, dislocated thumb and fractured toe. He said he had no memory of the crash.

Judge Brian Forster said: ‘The bottom line is all of this was totally unnecessary.

‘This case involved dangerous driving that put members of the community at serious risk of injury and even being killed.

‘The victims of your driving have suffered appalling injuries. The effects of the accident have marked their lives and each face ongoing medical treatment in the future.

‘No sentence I can impose will satisfy those that have been badly injured.

‘This case should stand as a real warning to anyone who drives a motorcycle or car attempting to break the law by the way we have heard.’

Kieron Kimber, 24, pictured, came off his bike and Jonathan Attree, travelling behind, ran him over before coming off his bike

Read more: here


Jackson spent three seasons in Baltimore after moving with the franchise from Cleveland. He still holds the Ravens’ single-season record for receiving yards, which he set in 1996.

Former Ravens wide receiver Michael Jackson tragically passed away in a motorcycle accident Friday morning in his hometown of Tangipahoa, La. He was just 48 years old.

Jackson played eight seasons in the NFL, and his final three were spent with the Ravens. He moved with the franchise from Cleveland in 1996.

“Today, our hearts are saddened by the awful news involving Michael,” Ravens General Manager Ozzie Newsome said.

“He was a vibrant person who became one of the first Ravens heroes and a popular player among Baltimore fans. Well known for his big smile and welcoming nature, it was easy to feel a special connection with Michael.”

Jackson still holds the Ravens’ record for most receiving yards in a single season. He posted 1,201 yards on 76 catches in 1996 – the franchise’s first year in Baltimore.

Jackson’s 14 touchdowns were tied for the league lead that season. He finished sixth in yardage. Jackson had an equal or better season than some NFL greats such as Jerry Rice, Cris Carter, Isaac Bruce, Herman Moore and Irving Fryar.

Jackson, fellow wide receiver Derrick Alexander and quarterback Vinny Testaverde combined to give the Ravens one of the league’s best passing duos in 1996. Jackson and Alexander both topped 1,000 yards, an accomplishment no Ravens wide receivers have accomplished since.

Injuries ended Jackson’s playing days with 353 catches, 5,393 yards and 46 touchdowns. It was a stellar career for a sixth-round pick (1991) out of Southern Mississippi.

“One of my most rewarding achievements after retiring as a player was watching Michael Jackson develop as a wide receiver,” said Newsome, who also moved with Jackson from Cleveland to Baltimore.

Newsome recalled that while with the Browns’ scouting department, his first opportunity to work out receivers was with a group including Jackson. There were about six players and Jackson stood out because of his speed and range.

Jackson went on to have a successful post-NFL career. He turned to politics and became the mayor of Tangipahoa in 2009. He served in that role until 2013.

But just like his NFL career, Jackson’s life was cut far too short.

“Michael was also a community leader who inspired many people, not only during his time in the NFL, but afterwards when he became the mayor of his hometown in Louisiana,” Newsome said.

“As we remember Michael fondly, we extend our condolences to everyone who knew him and those families affected by this tragedy.”



A Minnesota man is accused of driving off and leaving his mortally injured girlfriend on the side of the road after she fell from his motorcycle.

Myles W. Eckman, 24, of St. Paul, was charged in Washington County District Court with two counts of criminal vehicular homicide, alleging negligent driving while under the influence of alcohol and a controlled substance and leaving the scene of an accident.

According to the criminal complaint, troopers from the Minnesota State Patrol received a report in the early hours of Nov. 18 about a fatal accident on Interstate 35 in Forest Lake, 25 miles north of St. Paul.

Myles W. Eckman 

Troopers responding to the call at 4:43 a.m. found a woman, Ena M. Bhatia, 21, of St. Paul, lying dead on the right shoulder of the highway. Bhatia had head trauma, and “there was blood on the right lane of traffic away from where her body was found,” the complaint states. A black leather jacket with road abrasions on the sleeves was found about 50 yards north of the victim.

No motorcycle or other vehicle was found nearby.

A witness who had driven by the scene reported having seen a motorcycle on the side of the highway and “a person standing next to a brown object (the victim) on the side of the road,” the complaint states. “The witness believed the object to be a deer.”

Traffic cameras on Interstate 35 showed a passenger falling off the back of a motorcycle at 4:38 a.m. Three minutes later, the rider can be seen circling back to the scene and “then leaving a short time later, exiting I-35 at (Highway) 2 in Forest Lake,” the complaint states.

Later that morning, Eckman’s father contacted the highway patrol, saying he had heard about the fatal crash and was worried. He said his son and Bhatia had left his house that morning on his motorcycle going north toward Forest Lake.

Other friends of Eckman and Bhatia also called authorities to say the couple could have been involved in the fatal crash, the complaint states.

Just before 10 a.m., the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office received a report of someone attempting to push a motorcycle into a pond in Columbus, just east of Forest Lake. Eckman was found inside a nearby barn. While being taken into custody, he “asked if his girlfriend was OK,” the complaint states.

Eckman told officers he had been drinking the previous night at a bar in St. Paul and had a “double shot of tequila before he left the bar at 1:30 a.m.,” the complaint states.

According to the complaint, officers could “smell an odor of alcohol on him, his speech was slurred, his pupils were constricted, he had a burnt lip, his tongue had heat bumps and he had cottonmouth.”

Officers obtained a warrant to test Eckman’s blood. The draw tested positive for a number of drugs, including THC — an active ingredient in marijuana — and methamphetamine, the complaint states.

Eckman made his first appearance in court on May 1. His next hearing will be May 22. If convicted, Eckman could face a maximum sentence of 10 years in jail and $20,000 fine on each count.



The police are struggling with witnesses that are too scared to give a statement

in the investigation into the Haarlem chapter of the Hells Angels, prosecutor Jesse van der Putte said during a pro-forma hearing in the case against Hells Angels leader Lysander de R. on Thursday, the Telegraaf reports.

De R. is standing trial with eight other members of the motorcycle gang and his girlfriend. They were all arrested in January in a coordinated action on the motorcycle gang, including a raid on the Hells Angels clubhouse. De R. is suspected of a list of 16 crimes, including violence, extortion, threats, possession of firearms and leading a criminal organization. He is also suspected of being responsible for torching the car of former Haarlem Mayor Bernt Schneiders and for a shootout between the Hells Angels and rival gang the Mongols at a hotel in Rotterdam in April last year.

The biker gang leader’s lawyer, Remco Kint, called for his client to be released from custody. According to him, the prosecutor’s case consists of “rumors” and the entire investigation is based on “loose ends and no evidence”.

The court will decide on Monday whether De R. will remain in custody.


An Australian teenager has recounted the terrifying moment she was woken at gunpoint by a police officer who was raiding her home.

Stephanie* was just thirteen when the raid occurred in March and remembers the incident, which has left her wary of police, in horrific detail.
Stephanie’s stepfather Dave* is a member of the Rebels bikie gang, and the raid was a failed attempt to find two of his fellow members and an associate.
‘I’ve only ever seen it on television,’ Stephanie told Daily Mail Australia about the event.

‘When numbers of grown police men are yelling at you to stay down, don’t move, hands up and freeze on a constant replay.’
When police burst through her bedroom door at 5am she was confused and frightened.
‘I lay there dumbstruck fearing my life,’ she said.
‘A loud voice yelled at me to put my hands up and show them my face.
‘My hands were shaking in the fear of a strange man in my room yelling at me.’

Stephanie said she didn’t realise the men were police at first as she had been frightened awake, and all she could focus on were guns, loud noises and bright lights.
She was taken in to the kitchen where she saw her mother and stepfather on the floor, surrounded by the police, and their assault rifles.
‘One of the men put me next to my mother and she hugged me tightly, hiding my face from what was going on around me.’

She recalls her mother Carol* kneeling in the kitchen in handcuffs, guarded by armed police, and Dave cuffed on the floor while surrounded by four officers with guns.
Her mother, remembers squeezing her little girl tight, trying to shield her from the violent scene.
‘She was a blubbering mess, she had no clue what was going on,’ her mum said.
‘(Dave) yelled out to her when she was brought to us he said “I haven’t done anything wrong Boo” and she believes him, she knew he was involved in the club but she never expected anything like this to happen.’
The men the police were looking for had stayed at the premises from time to time and were family friends linked to the club.
But the girl’s mum says they had not been to the home in the days before the raid, and they haven’t been invited back since.
‘As far as I am concerned we had done nothing wrong and as soon as they saw a kid in the house they should have held up a little.
‘I understand they were just doing their job and if it was just Dave and I in the house I wouldn’t have cared, but it wasn’t.’
Her mum says there is no doubt that the terrifying awakening has had an effect on the girl.

‘She lives with her dad, but used to come around whenever she wanted mum time, or credit, or just a sleepover, normal teenage girl stuff,’ she said.

‘But now she won’t stay the night unless she has friends stay with her.

‘We still see her, she will come and have dinner and hangout but then she will go back to her dad’s to sleep.’

The raid only lasted for a few minutes before calming down according to Carol, but to Stephanie it felt much longer.

‘After hours of screaming and fighting and these men breaking doors and smashing items and pointing guns we were all sat down in the family lounge room an asked questions.

‘My stepdad is not a criminal, nor is my mother we are all innocent, we had done nothing wrong.

‘But the intelligence police (SERT) ripped through our house.

What will happen if you crash your Harley Davidson Sportster with 30 MPH.. Check the video!!!

Just a video of me explaining how I got into a wreck, what happened to me, and what happened to the bike.

I am completely not at fault as the other person crossed into my right of way without looking. My bike days will most likely be over because although its fun, it is not worth your life when you someone else is not paying attention. I got lucky that nothing more serious happened to me cause rolling into a car at 30 MPH can cause some serious damage.

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Hells Angel Club House video helps catch man wanted for attempted murder

SPOKANE, WA ( March 3, 2017) –Video surveillance from multiple businesses along the Sprague corridor helped detectives find the man accused of shooting a man in the back of the head near the Bel Air Motel on January 9.

According to court documents, suspect Brice Bailey, 43, was driving erratically on Sprague Avenue just before midnight on Jan. 8. A witness told police Bailey had pulled up alongside his car, with his windows rolled down and proceeded to cut him off. The witness said the man, who he did not know, continued to drive strangely in front of him. He said Bailey turned his turn signal off and on, or merged in the wrong direction repeatedly.

The witness said eventually he turned off Sprague and headed home to his house near 7th and Thierman. When he got out, the suspect was sitting in his car and fired in his direction, the witness said. Another witness said he was awoken by loud music coming from the suspect’s car and watched an arm exit the front passenger window of the car and fire at the first witness.

Later that night, just after midnight, Spokane Police officers responded to a call of a man being shot in the head in the area of East Sprague Avenue. A man staying at the Bel Air Motel called 911 after hearing gunshots and seeing a person lying in the middle of the motel parking lot. That witness described the same car as the witnesses in the previous shooting.

The motel guest went outside to the victim after calling 911 and saw that he had been shot in the back of the head.

SPD identified the shooting victim as Dakota Runge, 17. Runge was taken to Sacred Heart and initially listed in critical condition. As of Thursday afternoon, Runge was not listed as a patient.

Police got video from the Hells Angels Club House across the street – along with other businesses in the area – and were able to track the involved car to Brice Bailey, according to court documents.

Bailey has a criminal history for theft and controlled substances, according to court documents. He was on supervision with the Washington State Department of Corrections and had recently refused to attend a mental health assessment.

“During a routine DOC visit, Bailey was slightly agitated and disturbed, and his mental health stability was a concern,” reported an officer in court documents.

Officials believe Bailey’s actions were random acts of violence. He is being held in Spokane County Jail on charges of first degree attempted murder, as well as a theft charge.