DRAMATIC MOMENT: 260mph boat CRASH Drag Boat Catches FIRE then Crashes

This is the shocking moment a drag boat racer ended up in intensive care after crashing at 240mph.

Scotty Lumbart was racing in the Top Fuel Hydro class at the Lakefest races in Texas when his boat, the Spirit of Texas, crashed and burst into flames.

The race begins and Mr Lumbart’s boat pulls ahead early on.

He runs into trouble after just four seconds on the water.


Wake Surfer FAILS While Attempting to Ghost Ride His Boat!

A while ago we posted a video of a man successfully ghost riding his boat, for this guy… things did not go so well!

Imagine falling into the water and seeing your wakeboard boat drive away from you with no one on board, most likely to hit land in a short amount of time. When we came across this video we were simply mind blown. We know it probably sounded like a cool idea to this guy before he tried it, but we’re sure when he fell in the water that he felt like a complete moron.

A few people have stated that the video may be fake, but we definitely didn’t see anyone on board! Do you think there was someone hiding?




Superboat Crashes and Slides Down a Hill

In the world of Superboats, twists and turns are part of the game and one false move could lead to an epic crash out of the water and off of the course.

This time, we ride along onboard a boat that goes just a little bit faster than the course will allow and as a result, ends up flying off of it.

After shooting out of the water, there is a hill waiting for this water rocket  and it slides all the way down, coming to a stop and probably causing its fair share of damage.

Check out the video below and prepare for an adrenaline rush. Luckily, it sounds like the two occupants are chatting after the crash and it doesn’t sound like anybody is indicating serious injury.




Is there anything more romantic than taking your girlfriend and go fishing?

Of course there is a lot, fishing for someone is a very boring thing and for others it is actually relaxing when you can turn your mind off! But if you are riding a Nitro Boat things are a little bit different.

Yeah, 300HP coming from that small engine, honestly no one expects that from the Nitro Boat Z21.

Not even your girlfriend, if she pisses you off when you try to catch some fish in the lake then you can just add more pressure to the throttle and you can lose her in the lake.

There is even more equipment which can be purchased additionally with the boat, like magnificent instant launching device mounted under your girlfriend’s seat.

If she talks too much, just press the button! Actually this Nitro Boat Z21 can be the salvage for fishermen whose women are complying about their hobby.

They just need to took them on fishing and the rest of the job can do the Nitro Boat Z21 launching device.

Of course this is just a funny scenario which you can see on the video below.

Enjoy the laugh!


260mph boat CRASH — Spirit of Texas Drag Boat Catches FIRE then Crashes

From Lynn Lumbert: “Scott had a really good day today. First off I would like to apologize if I have not responded to your text, message or phone call.

I have been a little tired and overwhelmed. I truley appreciate all the prayers and words of encouragement. It’s what gets me through this emotional journey. Thank you. Today’s therapy session was more wth the sensory of smell. They used Nitro, Carb Cleaner, oil and coffee grounds. Can anyone guess his favorite two? Nitro and coffee! As expected his blood pressure and heart rate excelerated. He moved his hands and feet.

I had the coffee grounds and had him smell them. I then asked him “Do you like coffee?” If you like coffee move your foot, and he did, not once but four seperate times, as requested. He was working so hard because I had asked him to. He had sweat dripping off his face. It brought tears to my eyes. He is strong and he is fighting to get back. Proof that prayers are being answered. Because he was doing so well one of the therapist went and got his phone and played “I can’t Drive 55″ by Sammy Hagar, and asked Scott to tap his foot to the music and he did. We were all so excited. My new favorite song 😁.

He was making sounds alot today with mouth movement which is really good. Hopefully before long he will be able to speak. We still have a long way to go, however he seems to be getting a little bit more consistent with responding to commands. Today has been one of my favorite days in a long time. This afternoon Scott and I got some time to ourselves. So for the first time since the accident, I crawled up and layed beside him, I placed his arm around me.

It’s been the only thing that has felt normal in so long, it felt amazing. I dozed a little, talked to him and showed him pictures. He let me talk about whatever I wanted lol, my captive audience.”






When it comes to boating or other similar motorsports activities, the scary part is that just about anyone with the money to play can partake.

This time, we check out a group of people who should have probably just decided to stay home instead of hitting the water because they’re all having bad and expensive days.

This group of boaters learned the hard way that boating is quite the expensive hobby as their outboards fall right off the backs of their boats and go for a swim.

Check out the video below that shows the plight of the group of boaters who might decide to switch it up and stick to dry land after this kind of display.



BEAUTIFUL Skinny Girls Twerking On A Boat: See What Went Wrong!

A bunch of young guys and girls are having fun on their boats.

At the beginning of the video you can see a skinny girl twerking in the rhythm of the music.

Then another girl joins her. It seems like one of the guys could handle one skinny girl twerking but when the other came it was too much for him.

Overjoyed by the view he tried to come to the other boat where the girls were twerking.

He obviously felt dizziness by being so close to those hot girls and felt like he was shot.
Click on the video to see what really happens.



5 Horrifying Boat Crashes Caught On Camera

Today we look at 5 Horrifying Boat Crashes Caught On Camera!

1st one : What a IDIOT !

You just can’t fix Stupid !

And the pigs.. they won’t admit to that crash !

And if they do the judge would let them off anyway ” because they were in pursuit” just an excuse to say no way we’re paying for that.

2: Well your the dumbasses that crossed right in front of them. IDIOTS !

3th one: Drunk And stupid !