Testing The WARP Sprint Boat – INSANE Wake View

Thanks to the beautiful world of action cameras such as the GoPro, we can now mount high definition video recording devices to just about anything that moves.

This time, we get to ride along with the WARP Sprint Boat as it navigates a tight course, zipping around in every which way with some expert driving skills.

With every turn, we can’t help but get more excited about what this driver is going to do next during this crucial test run that will help get the boat really dialed in.

Check out the video of this monstrous water machine as it carves its way into one heck of an entertaining video that you are not going to want to miss.


When summer gets rolling, it’s easy to mix liquid encouragement with bad decisions and the next thing you know, you’re laying on the ground in a world of hurt.

This time, we see it all unfolding live and in person as the bad decisions unfold right in front of our eyes and the fun is all revolving around a boat!

We watch as idiot number one stands on the shore and challenges idiot number two to an aquatic throwdown involving the outboard of his boat. The rest is truly history.

Check out the video below that shows the man vs water bout and in short, man loses. We’re going to go ahead and guess that he won’t be trying this one again.


When a redneck plan comes together perfectly, it can be a thing of beauty and this time, we might be witnessing just that as this backyard idea becomes a reality.

With nothing more at their disposal than a paddle boat and an old outboard motor, these guys make themselves a good old time.

By combining the two, they’ve created a fishing machine/beer cruiser that will more than likely come to a climax with an epic fail video.

Check out the video below that shows this creation going on a voyage. Would you try to wheel this homemade boat if the opportunity was in front of you?


While on the water, it’s important to have all of your ducks in a line and make sure that you don’t screw around too much because things tend to happen about twice as fast as they do on land.

For this boat captain, he would learn that lesson the hard way as a little bit of stunting in his small dinghy would lead to an awkward situation, that’s for sure.

As he leans back in the boat, bringing the front and way up in the air, the operator would steer in the wrong direction, dumping himself out into the water and leaving the boat to run away.

When the video cuts off, the boat has zoomed around the corner and out of the frame. To this day, we are unsure if this captain ever got his boat back!


When boating, sometimes, boaters will bring their boat slightly on the shore in a process known as “beaching” that allows the boat to stay useful and stay put.

Now, while most of the time, you just bring the tip of your boat on the shore as to push it back in when you’re done, these boaters take it to a whole new level.

Instead of any kind of moderation, they plow their entire boat right up on the shore at full speed! This is pure craziness if we have ever seen it.

Check out the video below and tell us what you think with these wild maneuvers as they unfold in front of our eyes. These captains go all in!

Babes and Boats Fails Compilation

Is there anything that better describes summer than beautiful women and boats? How about beautiful women ON boats?! In an epic video compilation, several bikini clad women are shown wiping out in hilarious boat fails!

These wipeouts include countless hysterical diving falls, a splits fail that is painfully funny and a case of crowd surfing that actually turns into crowd falling!

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Speeding Boater Strikes, Runs Over Whale

Passengers on a whale watching tour in Washington’s Puget Sound looked on in horror Sunday as a fast-moving boat struck a submerged whale.

Amateur video taken by a passenger aboard the San Juan Clipper shows the moment the powerboat strikes a large whale just below the surface – hitting it with enough force to knock the boat out of the water.

“It looked like [the boat] was headed straight for the whale, and he was, and he hit it, and we were just shocked,” Lisa Shannon, a passenger aboard the San Juan Clipper, told King-5 News in Seattle.

“He hit the whale at full speed. It seemed like he sped up to get through the boats like they were in his way.”
It is believed the whale struck was a grey whale, a species common to the Puget Sound region. About a dozen of the whales frequent the Pugent Sound area each year.

On average, grey whales grow to be 13-15 metres long, with an average weight of between 15 and 30 metric tonnes.

The condition of the whale that was struck is not known; video of the incident shows the whale remaining motionless for a few moments after the accident before moving off.

Naturalist Stephanie Raymond was speaking to the passengers aboard the whale watching craft when the crash occurred.

“My response was, ‘Did I just see that happen?’” Raymond told King-5. “I’ve never seen this happen before. I’ve never seen a boat strike a whale.”

Video and photos of the incident were sent to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, which confirmed an investigation into the incident is underway.

Until then, experts are hoping the video serves as a reminder for boaters to remain cautious around whale watching craft, or in waters frequented by whales.

“These guys are big and slower, and they’re used to boats but when someone comes in at a speed like that, and they’re big, 40-foot animals, it’s hard for them to get out of the way,” San Juan Clipper Captain Jason Mihok said.

“If there are whale watching boats, you need to slow or stay out of the area.”

Big Girl Was Having A Hard Time Getting Back On The Jet Ski And Ended Up Tipping It Over!

Big Girl Was Having A Hard Time Getting Back On The Jet Ski And Ended Up Tipping It Over!

There are not too many vessels that provide more fun compared to the cost like the jet ski, and their incredibly powerful engines can provide some amazing speed, maneuverability and pure joy.

Manufacturers compete in making the lightest and more powerful jet-ski every year but at times, the lack of weight can make from some awkward situations, like the one in the following video.

If you have ever been on a jet-ski you know that the only way to get on it is from the back, and you need to be able to lift yourself up in deeper water in order to succeed, but this girl is lacking the strength to do it, making for a very funny video.

Her size does matter in this case, and it prevents her from getting back on the vessel, and not even the balancing skills of the guy that is already on it are not helping.

Play the video and find out more.

Waves Attacking Boats Is SO Scary This Should Be R Rated!

Hey, we all know that warships are tough sons o’ b!tches don’t we? After all, these protectors of the oceans are designed to battle other ships and weapon platforms.
BUT, what us land-loving folk tend to forget is just how dangerous and deadly the sea itself can be to even the largest of naval vessels.

Well, forget no more because this warships vs big waves video is a three-minute lesson of huge waves attacking warships in the most frightening of manners.

I will be totally honest with you, though I knew at some internal level that the ocean could ferocious and that Navy ships had to deal with it, I was blown away by how small and vulnerable these enormous fighting ships look when the waves are angry. By the way, how’d you like to be in that lighthouse at the 0:17 mark?