See what the US Navy and USMC do for fun in the middle of nowhere

When your on a ship like the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, the ocean is your own private swimming pool.

The series of incredible photos below shows members of the armed forces enjoying the great down-time tradition of “swim call.’

Basically “swim call” is when a massive ship stops in the middle of the ocean and lets the sailors and Marines jump in the water to help maintain morale.

In years past some sailors were placed on “shark watch” from a mounted .50 cal machine gun during swim call.

There’s also a SAR swimmer on call acting as a lifeguard.

The gallery below shows sailors and Marines jumping off destroyers and and carriers deployed around the world.

Have you ever been on swim call?


Huge ship being launched makes major waves, fortunately no one was on the road

Everyone knows that all boats are built on land first and the resulting launch that occurs when they’re finished is something to celebrate! Just check out how this ship’s launch gathers a massive crowd who are all obviously aware of just how much water will get kicked up!

Clearly they’ve done this before.

It almost looks like the ship is about to tip over but it rights itself at just the right moment.

Also, compliments to the drone operator because this is some wonderful footage.


Breaking: Iranian Vessel Thought It Could Intercept A US Destroyer But Gets Humbled By American Ship Unleashing SERIOUS WEAPONRY!

We’ve all at some point within our travels, either witnessed, read or have some personal experience with those nasty little “fur balls,” those ½ pound little dogs with the high-pitched yap, who seem to constantly show their provocative side.

Well, that same analogy can apply to countries, for example, North Korea has a pudgy little coarse dictator yapping away and being extremely obnoxious, while Iran is playing perhaps a more ominous game of “chicken” on the high seas, which if continued might get itself “blown to smithereens.”

The incident is being played out in the Persian Gulf between an Iranian ship and a U.S. Navy Destroyer, however unlike the portly despot in North Korea making verbal threats; Iran is getting extremely close to physically engaging our American fleet, which of course would be a monumental mistake.

On Monday, an Iranian Revolutionary Guard “fast attack craft” came within 1,000 yards of an American U.S. guided missile destroyer.

The brief confrontation wasn’t acknowledged until the following day, and according to news reports the Iranian attack ship had its weapons manned and ready to fire. In response to the approaching threat the U.S. Navy Destroyer, the “USS Mahan” quickly manned it’s own battle stations, locked and loaded it’s own weapons before firing off a few warning flares.

This apparently stopped the Iranian craft from continuing its dangerous game of “cat and mouse.”

A U.S. spokesperson acknowledging the reckless incident: “Coming inbound at a high rate of speed like that and manning weapons, despite clear warnings from the ship, is obviously provocative behavior.”

There’s little doubt that the Iranian despots are testing the Trump Administration, perhaps believing the way they humiliated the Obama Administration by seizing two American patrol boats and detaining 10-crew members, and using them as propaganda props, that somehow they can do the same to this administration.

Obviously, President Trump isn’t Obama, and Iran had better think twice or be prepared to lose a few Iranian crafts, the next time they get too close to our U.S. Navy Destroyer.

Do you think the US is justified in firing on this aggressive Iranian vessel?




While on the water, it’s important to have all of your ducks in a line and make sure that you don’t screw around too much because things tend to happen about twice as fast as they do on land.

For this boat captain, he would learn that lesson the hard way as a little bit of stunting in his small dinghy would lead to an awkward situation, that’s for sure.

As he leans back in the boat, bringing the front and way up in the air, the operator would steer in the wrong direction, dumping himself out into the water and leaving the boat to run away.

When the video cuts off, the boat has zoomed around the corner and out of the frame. To this day, we are unsure if this captain ever got his boat back!


World’s fastest SeaDoo flies over the water at 118 mph

If you’re a fan of speed you’re going to love the CRT Nightmare, a SeaDoo with a nitrous drag setup.

Carlito del Valle first broke the world record with a speed of 113.7 mph at a Tavares, Florida Hydrodrag race in 2016. He has since broken that record with a top speed of 118 mph on the same SeaDoo.

This rig has won multiple Hydrodrags since 2011 and doesn’t look like it’s slowing down any time soon.

Watch it slice through the water during a systems check in the video below.



From top to bottom, this boat is impressive and attention grabbing, reminding us a lot of some of our favorite supercars with the different touches of attention to detail that really bring this build together.

Check out the incredible boat in the video below as the guys take it out and open it up to show us what the vessel is really capable of!

Impressed yet?


Watch what happens when Somali pirates mess with Americans who break out the big guns

For years, Somali pirates have been terrorizing shipping vessels that get too close to the horn of Africa. Unfortunately, the area is an important trade route and is heavily trafficked. In their prime between 2008 to 2011, the pirates cost shipping industries billions of dollars.

While the piracy subsided for a few years, the seafaring buccaneers have returned with a vengeance. In the past month, there have been five instances of piracy in the Gulf of Aden, just off the coast of Somalia.

A new video, which is going viral online, shows the face-to-face combat of pirates and private security forces. The security guards can be seen firing warning shots off of the front of the skiffs and from the chatter, there seem to be guards on both sides of the ship.


Holy Cow!! A 51 foot Sea Ray Sundancer Yacht crashes up on the Oakland outer harbor break water. Sun Country Marine in Newport says it used to cost 1.7 Million Dollars…ah little less now…

One important stepping stone that is pretty much the first step of navigating in a bigger vessel like this one is the fact that you are going to want to stay in the channel, the designated area that is deeper and safer for large ships to travel.

Otherwise, you risk running your boat aground and doing some damage.



We would have to assume that the situation here as the result of what happened when the ship has seen better days and needs to be reverted back to scrap metal.

In either case, it’s pretty amazing to watch as this giant vessel built for the water slowly brings its way on to the shore.

Check out the video below that puts you right on the beach near where this is all happening and be sure to tell us what you think of such a crazy situation like this. I’m just imagining what it would be like to be someone standing there on the shore and have no idea what’s going on as this gigantic boat is barreling down on me.



While boating might look like a process that’s pretty much straightforward as you stab the throttle and go, I guarantee you that there are many more intricacies than meet the eye. As you might have seen on the pages of the Internet, there are plenty of ways that you can go about screwing up a perfectly good day on the water to make that dream turn into a nightmare with just a couple of careless steps.

This time, we catch up with a boater who messed up so bad that it almost looks like he was doing it all on purpose. We tune in and watch as this guy comes up to the shore to beach the boat but ends up going too far into the throttle and not slowing down at all. That’s where things go incredibly wrong.