Whales Watchers Get More Then What They For as Boat Crashes in to Dock!

On last day in march these whale watchers got more then they paid for as there ship lost control and ran into the dock.

The Horn blower is a whale watching vessel that take people out in the pay of sunny San Diego. Apparently the ships captain lost all control of the boat as it came into dock. The bower steering went out but all engines were full thrust.

Luckily the people on land noticed something was off about the ship and got out of way in time.



Fascinatingly Cool Flat bottom Classic Race Boat Powered by a V8 Engine

The fascinatingly cool classic, flat bottom race boat and its amazingly powerful V8 engine you’re going to see in the enjoyable video below are just one of them.

That must be great to have a cruise on this cool-looking race boat, participating a drag race with it must be even greater.

Check out the video we present you here and see this V8 powered roaring monster boat!!!




What do you do when it’s pouring rain and flooding the streets of your neighborhood?

If you’re two time world MotoSurf champ Mark Gomez, you unload your jet ski and take it for a cruise!

When recent flooding hit the Fullerton area, Gomez wheeled his badass stand-up ski out to the curb and dropped it into the stream that had formed along the side of the residential street in front of his house. With a cameraman riding alongside down the flooded street, Gomez is able to go about as far as he wants thanks to the depth of the floodwaters.



Man Tows Boat With Mobility Scooter

It’s too sunny to be Russia, so this must have come from Australia.

Sure enough, this dashcam footage came from a couple of guys in Ballina, New South Wales.

While driving down a country road they saw a man pulling his fishing boat along with a mobility scooter. Without any sort of hitch, he simply held the trailer with one hand and drove the scooter with the other.




Testing The WARP Sprint Boat – INSANE Wake View

Thanks to the beautiful world of action cameras such as the GoPro, we can now mount high definition video recording devices to just about anything that moves.

This time, we get to ride along with the WARP Sprint Boat as it navigates a tight course, zipping around in every which way with some expert driving skills.

With every turn, we can’t help but get more excited about what this driver is going to do next during this crucial test run that will help get the boat really dialed in.

Check out the video of this monstrous water machine as it carves its way into one heck of an entertaining video that you are not going to want to miss.



Icy Ghost Ship Pulling Into Canal Will Terrify You

The Duluth Canal is located way out west on Lake Superior and it’s not too uncommon for ships to show up covered in icy lake waters given the time of year.

This incredibly huge ship is the Great Lakes Trader and if you watch as it pulls into the Duluth Canal it’ll send shivers down your spine.

Perhaps it’s not actually a “ghost ship” but it certainly looks like one thanks to the utter silence and icy make up of the entire thing as it moves like, well, a ghost.