This time, we come across the driver of a Chevrolet Avalanche who wanted to go off of that gusto and plow his way through the Houston flood waters but came up short.

When it all starts out, everything looks good, but as he gets deeper, he gets further away from the road and before we know it, the truck is floating and the driver is swimming!

Check out the video below as this guy’s day just got a lot worse as his eyes proved to be a lot bigger than his stomach when he bit off way more than his truck could chew!



Why did Aaron Kaufman leave Fast N Loud and Gas Monkey Garage?

One of reality television greatest bromances is apparently coming to an end as Fast N’ Loud star Richard Rawlings has confirmed that his BBBF (Bearded Best Bro Forever) Aaron Kaufman is leaving Gas Monkey Garage.

“As you may have heard by now, the Bearded Wonder has decided to leave Gas Monkey Garage,” Richard wrote in a post on “Aaron has been a part of Gas Monkey Garage since day one, and it will be a painstaking process moving forward without his talents,” he adds.

Richard doesn’t give any specifics about why Aaron Kaufman is leaving the show and the garage, reminding fans that “I like to keep the drama away from the cameras, and that’s something I’ll continue to strive for.” He does reveal that the announcement was apparently as big of a surprise to him as it is to many fans. “I want you all to know that it was not my decision and came completely out of left field,” he reveals.

Richard assures his fans that Gas Monkey Garage will keep doing what they do after Aaron’s departure. “Gas Monkey Garage is not one person, it’s not two people, it’s a team,” he writes. “AK helped me build GMG, and he helped build the team here, which is why I’m confident we will continue to crank out killer rides week after week.”

We will wrap this up with Richard’s messages to fans and to Aaron followed by a long last look at the fellers together:

To our fans, I want to say thanks for all of the continued support all these years, and keep watching because we aren’t going anywhere! Wishing nothing but good luck to Aaron and all past, current and future monkeys!

And to Aaron, I would like to sincerely express my appreciation for the 13 years you put into GMG. We worked long and hard from the bottom to the top. Not everyday was good, and we had our share of disagreements, but it has been a hell of a ride and I would not change a minute of it. Neither of us could have achieved this without the other. Thank You, Sir.


Bloodcurdling Compilation of Burnouts That Gone Really Bad!

It’s quite sure that we all, or let’s just say almost all of us, like and enjoy burnout videos as they’re actually cool to see. Unfortunately, as you can already predict, not all burnouts go as safe as they’re planned to be.

Today, we present a compilation video that shows bloodcurdling footages of burnouts that gone really really bad!

You may care about your life as well as your car, but apparently the guys in the video below just don’t!


Redneck Engineering Presents: Chevrolet 454 Rat Rod Engine Start Up!

We love rat rods, we love the way they look, we love the way they drive and of course we love the way their engines work! Today, we present you a video that displays a super cool Chevrolet 454 Big Block engine for your interest.

It has 86,000 actual miles and it sounds literally fascinating. It’s sure that Chevy enthusiasts will love it!

Scroll down, watch the video, see this badass engine and enjoy!



Come and See One of the Most Badass and Fastest Chevy Cars Ever!

Agree or not, sometimes “ugly is more beautiful” and the goddamn cool car filmed in the video below offers a strong proof for that with its old rusty, dirty look. This amazingly impressive vehicle is titled as a “top doorslammer Chevy” that runs 6.41 at 187 mph.

It makes it one f the badass and fastest Chevy cars. It must be something exquisitely exciting and enjoyable being there and watching this awesome Chevy sliding on the road like a mechanic monster.

Check out this video to see doorslammer Chevy and enjoy its perfect ugliness!



1400HP “Rust Bucket” – Single Turbo Camaro

1400 hp is a lot of juice, particularly when you consider that it takes four …

1400 hp is a lot of juice, particularly when you consider that it takes four turbos on the W16 to give a Bugatti Veyron 400 hp less.


Of course, that’s like comparing a grapefruit to the grape tomato, but to squeeze that many ponies out of the single turbo engine is pretty impressive nonetheless!





Unusual Accident That Leaves You Confused And Speechless!

We already know that women break all the records in road rage.

After all these videos we have the impression that there’s nothing scarier in this world than an angry woman involved in a road rage.

It all began when the driver purposefully caused the accident with this truck.

Then this angry woman got out of the truck and started hitting and banging the car.

This is one unusual accident that leaves you confused and speechless.

It’s a pity that we don’t have any information about the end result of this accident, but considering the fact that this truck is pretty distinguishable, there is a great chance they got caught by the police.


’69 Camaro Fitted with 2 V-8 Motors

We wonder how many miles per gallon this bad boy gets.

Scottie D is bringing us another choice find.

He’s discovered a custom job from some boys in Alpharetta, GA who have taken a fine looking ’69 Camaro and thrown in some twin 427 V-8 motors!