Driver escapes death and wins the race after car explodes into ball of flame at 300 mph

Ever heard the phrase “better lucky than good?”

NHRA driver Ron Capp managed to escape death and win the race after his dragster exploded and burst into flame.

Capps was traveling at 300 mph when his engine exploded and filled the cabin with flaming fuel and oil. “You’re used to what you do for a living and the next thing you know, it’s a convertible and there’s a huge ball of flame right in my lap,” he said during an interview with Fox & Friends.

After watching the replay Capps said he was thankful for his fire suit and can’t believe he escaped with just a few bruises.



We are sure that by know everybody has heard about Aaron Kaufman leaving one of the most famous car shows that airs on The Discovery Channel, Gas Monkey Garage. There have been many speculations and guesses why this happened but we will bring you the main ones that are really the reason why he decided to part ways with his longtime friend who has been his employer for many years.

1. Solo Career – Aaron is one of the best mechanics on TV at the moment and his fame has risen along with the popularity of the show, but at the same time, he has been convinced that he can do much better if he is not restricted by a boss that tells him what not to do.

2. Pressure – The fact that he is well known for being a perfectionist and at the same time the incredibly rising volume of the vehicles that needed his time, put too much pressure on Aaron and not enough time to do it all.

3. Low ranking – With the knowledge that he possesses about cars and fabrication and his rising popularity as the genius behind the Gas Monkey Garage builds, Aaron is “too big” to be working for somebody else so there is already talk about him hosting his own show where nobody will get to tell him what not to install on a car.



Even a Demon would be afraid of this Trans Am 455 Super Duty!

While most of us are still starring at the Demon and its performance number, something even meaner lurks on the horizon so we had to tell you about it the minute we found out what it is
Inspired from the incredibly sought after 1970-73 Super Duty Trans Am, and based on the Alpha platform of the next model Camaro, this beast is getting a very round number of 1000 horsepower and as crazy as it sounds, this is while its drinking pump gas.
How, well that 455 cubic inch beast is force-fed huge gulps of air by the incredible 2.3 litre Magnuson supercharger at huge 14psi of boost.

Ok, this monster is not really a factory car so the Demon is safe in that class but the fact that it has nearly 200 horsepower more than the Dodge Demon really commands respect.
How to get it? Well that is not so easy and simple either, you would have to be one of the fastest 50 costumers which will get all their paperwork ready and also drop a non-refundable $3,000 deposit, and this is just to get a slot in the already busy production calendar.
Once you have gotten the slot, you will have to cough up the remaining 60% of the amount. If by any chance you are one of the 77 a lucky owners of the Bandit Edition TA, you will get priority in purchasing this vehicle.

Either way, it is going to leave you with a hefty dent in your pocket guaranteed.


Craziest Stunt Ever, One-Mile Super Jump over the Border between Canada and USA

In the early 1970’s car stunts were much more dangerous than they are today. Back then, they had limited formulas and lacked the aid of computer simulation technology.

The old days of car stunts were much different than today.
Today we have the aid of ample safety technology, unique camera equipment, and computer graphics.

Not everything you see today is real, even though it may be portrayed as factual.
Today’s stunt jockey lacks the edge that the early stuntmen craved. Car stunts used to be extremely dangerous compared to the easy stunts we have today.


18 Year Old Alex Taylor runs a 8 second quarter mile.. and she does it all herself!

Meet Alex Taylor, just 18 years old, who currently holds the record of being the youngest ever competitor at Drag Week.

She rolls in a twin-turbo 6.0-litre LS-engined Chevrolet Camaro with an estimated 1300bhp to belt down the quarter-mile, carving it up in the mid 7’s!

Girls take note, this is pretty much every rev head guys dream girl!

Check her out in the clip below! Awesome!


The dyno couldn’t even handle the torque of this custom creation

What do you get when you cross a Lotus Evora body with a Tesla Model S drive unit and the battery from a Chevy Volt? A whole mess of torque. 4,057 lb.-ft. to be exact.

Sasha Anis, OnPointDyno founder, brought these pieces together for his “Blue Lightning” project, which he’s been tinkering with for the last year, and he’s finally gotten around to showcasing its power on a dyno.

Now before you ask, yes, Anis thought ahead and got in front of all the tricky business with electric cars and dynos. To get a reliable reading, he hooked the machine directly to the rear axle. Problem solved. The extra work was worth it, because the pieced together Lotus/Tesla/Chevy abnormality registered 440hp and maxed out the dyno when it soared past its 4,000 lb.-ft. limit.


Cop-Zilla is here to take you down

Many questions run through your mind when you get pulled over by the police. What did I do? Do I have my insurance card on me? Did they see how fast I was going a couple exits ago? Is that a GT-R? Wait, what?

That’s right. If you are in New York later this month you might just see Nissan’s one-off 2017 GT-R Pursuit 23. Interestingly the 23 refers to the pronunciation of Nissan. Two being “ni” and three being, you guessed it, “san.” Created by Nissan for the New York Auto show this very special GT-R has received just a few slight modifications. And by slight, I mean ridiculously extensive.

Nissan’s vision for this car is a pursuit vehicle for the Skyline Metro Police. Sure, that’s all made up but as someone who always dreamed of being pulled over by a B4C Police Camaro I’m going to let my imagination run wild with this one.

Sporting a large push bar up front, wide-body fenders, massive rear wing, lights galore and some scary looking wheels this screams “guilty until proven innocent.” And with the front message board and loud speaker system the lucky officer behind the wheel can literally do that.

Not many mechanical enhancements were needed to brand this beast “Copzilla.” The latest version of Nissan’s awesome Twin-Turbo 3.8 litre V-6 packs a wicked punch with 565 horse-power and to set the GT-R on the floor, a coilover suspension was utilized.

Also, being shown with Copzilla will be the new GT-R Track Edition. The track edition will fit nicely in-between the GT-R Premium (which is basically the base model now) and the GT-R Nismo which is the top of the line, $175,000 version.

Although the GT-R Pursuit 23 won’t be used by any real police departments, it sure does look promising for, I don’t know, a future Robocop movie? Hint, hint Hollywood.

Amazing Transformation into 2013 Pontiac Firebird Hurst Trans Am

When improved function, aesthetical design, advanced engineering and unique fabrication come together, what they form is this fantastic 2013 model Pontiac Firebird Hurst Trans Am.

A Stock Camaro is rebuilt, powered with 650 HP and finally transformed into this breath-taking Hurst Trans Am. This car is the only available car that has the license named of the Trans Am.

Everything in this car is made by professionals.
Great Job. Check this out!!!

Green Camaro Sits On Massive 32-inch Rims!

Have you ever seen a Camaro with gigantic 32 inch rims? Corey Jones has this bizarre idea to make his car extremely unique in so many ways.

First of all, he picked a slick green color and of course the huge rims for his Camaro.

It is an eye catching transformation, making his rims twice the size of the standard set.

On top of that, Corey Jones also give the car’s interior a modern approach by putting high tech audio system and tv screens on the door.

The moving hubs on the rims are also one of the highlights of this custom car! Is this car a hell yes or a hell no? You decide!