What do you think, which is the better engine? 383 Chevy vs 383 Mopar

The guys from  Engine Masters will present head-to-head shootout with these two engines: a Blueprint Engines crate Chevy 383 small-block versus a hand-built Mopar 383 by Engine Masters host Steve Dulcich.

Your thoughts?



We all know the famous Discovery show called Street Outlaws with the main stars from OKC Daddy Dave and from NO Kye Kelley!

They have meet at Tulsa race truck earlier this year.

Daddy Davy is with Goliath 2.0 but without nitrous, with new supercharger under the hoot. You can watch the whole video bellow!


2017 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Price And Specs

We are always happy to find out that a bellowed car like the Pontiac Firebird Trans Am is coming back to the streets, and when we heard about the 2017 model hitting the streets we could not hide the excitement so we decided to learn as much as we can about it.

So, without further a due let’s just jump into what we have learned about the newest version of this legendary muscle car.

The design as expected will be a blend of the new and the old, the new model has to have all the features of a modern automobile, while in the meantime it has to keep the style of the original in order to tell you with it’s looks that this is a Trans Am, because nobody likes to explain what kind of car is it, if it has a legendary name but none of the looks.

Under the hood, the engines will be on par with the old pony car, so at the moment there are two versions that we are familiar with, a 3.6 liter V6 for the ones that care about saving gas, which will be pushing out 305 horses, and a more powerful 5.0 liter V8 that will be good for 420 horsepower which will be ready for a burnout at any time.

The middle of 2017 is the most likely date that these machines will hit the road and the dent in your wallet if you choose to park one in your driveway, will be between $37.000 and $43.000, so start saving up


4,000 horses proved too much for this Corvette

This drag race features a 4,000 horsepower Corvette and the world’s most useless wheelie bar. At the start of the race, the car on the left has to hit the brakes early to get his front end down and looks to have lost the race, only a moment later the Corvette gets air of its own.

Whatever caused the ‘Vette to lift off at this point didn’t give the driver much time to react. By the time he hits the brakes, all four wheels are off the ground and he is along for the ride. Luckily, the front end breaks off and he comes back down on the wheels. Had it not, he likely would have continued flipping and landed on his roof.

The driver was able to walk away from the crash but the car lay twisted on the track until they could load it up on a flatbed.


Will cheap gas really hurt your engine?

This is one of those things that very few drivers really understand. Gas is gas right? Is there any reason to pick one brand of gas over another? Most people decide where to fill up out of convenience and price. Some people, however, swear by a certain brand of gas and think they can tell the difference between it and cheaper, off-brand gas. Are they full of it?

 Carcomplaints.com notes that, while the EPA does require a minimum amount of detergents in all gasoline sold in the US, some companies go above and beyond and add their own concoction of detergents and charge an average of three cents more per gallon. To see if these added detergents made a difference, AAA did their own testing of Top Tier and non-Top Tier brands. After just one oil change, the cars using non-top tier gas had 19 times more deposits than those using Top Tier gas. They even found that switching to a Top Tier gasoline could help reduce deposits left by previous non-Top Tier gasoline use.

Consumer Reports says that these brands currently sell Top Tier gas in all grades:

“76, Aloha Petroleum, Amoco, ARCO, Beacon, BP, Break Time, Cenex, Chevron, CITGO, Conoco, Co-op, Costco, CountryMark, Diamond Shamrock, Entec, Esso, Express, Exxon, Holiday, Kwik Star Stores, Kwik Trip, Mahalo, MFA, Mobil, Ohana Fuels, Petro-Canada, Phillips 66, PUMA, QT, Quik Trip, Road Ranger, Shamrock, Shell / Shell V-Power, Sinclair Standard, SuperAmerica, SuperFuels, Tempo, Texaco, Tri-Par, and Valero.”

Due to the small cost difference and proven efficiency losses deposits can cause, there is really no reason not to buy gas from a station that sells Top Tier fuel.

Pontiac GTO

2017 Pontiac GTO Aztek Shaker – Would You?

Before we start with telling you the rest of the story we have to warn the true fans of the Pontiac GTO, not to get too excited since this in only a rendering and there has been no announcement that Pontiac is bringing the car back in any shape or form but that is no reason for us not to check it out and talk about what if, this thing is the new 2017 GTO.

Let’s be clear that this is a rendering (obviously) and that GM has no intention of bringing back the GTO or Pontiac for that matter. We will get to why I think GM is dropping the ball on that one in a moment. For now, we are going to look at this 2017 Pontiac GTO rendering and roast the hell out of it.

2017 Pontiac GTO Design
Now the first image is something rather disappointing and it appears that whoever drew it was one of the only 4 people on this earth that actually liked how the Pontiac Aztek looked, and that number includes the 2 chief designers. The rest of the front end looks like the now zombie Aztek found a Cadillac and stole its eyes in order to look like a true Frankenstein. Nope, no thanks keep this one in the drawing room preferably in the garbage bag.

The rest of the parts on the car feel like the designer of this vehicle has 0 knowledge of proportions and is still waiting to hit puberty, but decided to give us his opinion on the matter nevertheless.

The rest of the pictures, well to be honest with you, we tried starring at them to find anything good about them but, we have to apologize, we have to admit defeat, and sorry but there is just nothing that looks good enough to come close to a 2017 GTO.

Mini Chevy V8 Runs And Sounds Like A Real V8

We all know the saying that boys never grow up, just their toys get bigger and more expensive, but this video apparently proves that sometimes men’s toys get smaller, much smaller.
Today we bring you a video of a miniature V-8 which is completely operational and we can even see how the engine’s head work since the cover is of, and let us tell you this is one of the coolest things we have ever seen.
Yes, we know that the distributor might be in the wrong location foe a Chevy but we kinda don’t care since this thing looks and even sounds amazing.
Check out the video of this amazing “toy” but if you don’t want to see the CNC machine that was used in the making of this engine just skip the first 30 seconds, and enjoy the rest.


They Are Having The Time Of Their Lives! Check Out These Girls Having Some Dune Buggy Fun!

Although summer seems far away as of this moment, it will come soon! And summer is the time to have fun! There are a myriad of ways one can enjoy the summer, but today we will focus on one particular activity. Today, we are sharing not one, but two videos of a pair of girls who are having some dune buggy fun!

From narrow turns to jumps, these girls are having the time of their lives while riding in a dune buggy!

Watching this makes us even more impatient about the summer! After all the snow this year, everyone wants hotter weather right now! LOL at the music playing in the background!



429cu 650HP V8 Powered 70′ Ford Torino Cobra is an Absolute Badass!

Talking about a real absolute badass, we bring you an amazingly clean nearly perfect 1970 Ford Torino Cobra, with an 429 V-8 or an even 7.0Liters engine which they say is good for 650 horsepower.
Some say that the 650 horsepower figure might be a bit enthusiastic but we don’t really care if this thing has less power, that hard hitting cam sounds so mean, that we kinda feel bad that this video only lets us hear this Torino at idle. Who wouldn’t want a hear a 70s V-8 at full chant with a cam like that and that loud exhaust right.
Check out the video that will leave you wanting more and tell us, which one of the classic muscle cars from the 70s was your favorite and would this Torino be on your to own list if you can get it in this kind of perfect state?