This jerk gets crushed and put down hard by a girl after mouthing off to her friend in the most vile way

They all should have asked him what it means to be a man because if the response was along the lines of penile ownership his entire argument would have flown out the window without any further rebuttals. Sexism is alive today, yes.

There are few who would doubt that claim left remaining, but the fact that a woman can’t be attractive in public without these types of harassers verbally attacking them is absolutely ridiculous!

Thankfully this is one “man” who got what he deserved, though it makes you wonder how many don’t.



It seems like videos like this are happening more and more. Citizens refusing to listen to law enforcement and paying the consequences.

The Philadelphia police officer told the man to sit down but the man reacted by yelling and refusing.

Many will blame the officer since the suspect was handcuffed, but was the officer’s actions justified?
Watch and comment!



This happened in Times Square one guy takes on 3 for the honor of his WOMAN Big Ups Homie.

I can only imagine what goes through the mind of someone who thinks it is OK to hit a woman.

It’s nice to see there are still some men out there who are willing to man up and protect the ones they love.

He defended her by beating  those guys that attacked her.

It’s a not fair fight, 3 on 1, but this man took them well.

It is always nice to see how these THUGS are learning a lesson on how not to hit a woman, ever again.


Protesters Attempt to Block Motorcycle Police from Passing, HUGE MISTAKE!

A small group of  protesters were attempting to stop motorcycle police from doing their jobs when

a group of other policeman decided to take matters into their own hands and clear the roadway by force!

Apparently these people don’t understand the laws of attempting to stop police investigations in order to make a political statement.

I don’t think the officers made their point clear enough. Not one of those protesters should’ve remained standing.

At some point there needs to be examples made as a deterrent and clear message to others, that no one may touch the police officer, it doesn’t matter if they are right or wrong.

The moment then someone touched the police officer, he should have jumped off that bike, put them down on the ground, flipped them on their chest, handcuffed them, and then thrown them into a car.

I gather these are rookies in training and the veterans will be watching this on their break hour back at the station.



Jerk Sucker Punches Homeless Man Who Was an NFL Lineman — Really Bad Idea!

Even though we do not have the back story to this video, some things are apparent, that homeless man is trying his best to get away from violence and avoid any altercation by leaving, but these two idiots are just asking for it.
One of them is trying to attack, in order for the other one to explore the opportunity for a sucker punch, but the attack on Chris Brymer, the former USC and Dallas Cowboys, offensive lineman does not go unpunished.
Although suffering from brain injuries which brought him to such situation that he has to live on the street, the still burly 9’3 former footballer weighing at around 300 pounds, showed these idiots that he still has some knockout power in his hands.
Mess with the bull and get the horns, they say, and at least one of these two jerks got the horns in this video, and it was well deserved we say.


Guy Suplexed After Tagging Dudes Girlfriend in “Send Nudes” Video on Instagram

If it’s adult you’re looking for there are plenty of websites you can visit to satisfy that desire, but propositioning a friend or someone else’s girlfriend will rarely work, if ever.

Plus it only makes you look like a pig who can’t differentiate friends from sex objects so… When in doubt, wank one out first.

You’ll think clearer afterwards and probably decide against an action such as this. It’s a much better alternative than getting your a** beat.


A grandma with a 6-year-old granddaughter in her car was a victim of some serious road rage

Video of a deranged woman terrorizing a grandmother and her granddaughter on a North Carolina road is made  the rounds on the Internet.

Sherri Hastings says she started filming after Kristin Leigh Phillips attempted dangerous passes twice over double yellow lines and eventually succeeded.

The three-minute video shows Phillips stopping numerous times in front of Hastings to make some sort of a point.

“I knew what was going to happen. I wanted it on tape. Twice the lady tried to pass me on a two-lane road with double lines on a hill. She about ran me off road first time. She got behind me a second time and then went to go around again,” Hastings told Fox 13.

“I let her have the road, called 911, reported her and her plate number…I started phone video which was in a holder on dashboard — hands free,” she said.

Phillips stopped her car one last time and exited her vehicle, swearing up a storm and reaching into the window of Hastings’ car.

Hastings handed the footage over to police and Phillips eventually turned herself in Monday after pictures of the incident started appearing on the Internet and police tried to track her down.

She was charged for assault and battery, communicating threats, and reckless driving.



Skaters Learn the Hard Way Not to Block a Road

The funny part is that after the guy drives away, in the lane he was already in mind you, the kids started acting as though they were the ones who came out on top.

So, you acted like a bunch of jacka**** blocking traffic, then lost a board after fleeing immediately and think you’re hard because of it?



A Bully Picks On A Smaller Kid, Instant Karma Ensues

Why anyone would want to start a brawl over any type of game is beyond most people, but apparently it does happen.

The video doesn’t really show beyond a reasonable doubt that the larger kid is a bully at all, but from outside appearances that’s what we get.

Hopefully the smaller kid didn’t take his shiny Charizard though, that would just be cruel.