Insane low level flight shows what 200+ MPH looks like from an altitude of 5 feet

YouTuber and miliatry aviator Linkerius shares one of his most extreme flights.

Barely more than 5 feet off the ground, this extreme aviator blasts along at speeds over 200 mph sometimes dipping to just centimeters above the water’s surface.

Limited by the clearance of his propeller and machine gun pods, Linkerius goes as low as possible.

See what it feels like in this impressive POV video.


Sweet 1/4 scale F-16 takes flight with a fully functional jet turbine engine

While the vast majority of us will never sit behind the stick of a real F-16, some will be able to live out their fighter pilot dreams with this RC jet.

This 1/4 scale F-16 “Fighting Falcon” by General Dynamics features a fully functional turbine engine.

Watch it take flight in the video below!

Make sure you get some practice time in with a prop plane first, this bad boy is not for beginners!


Pilot lands F-15 with only one wing after mid-air collision

An incredible pilot managed to safely land his damaged F-15 after colliding with an A-4 Skyhawk in mid-air during a training exercise.

The collision cleanly shaved one of the wings off the body of the F-15 forcing Israeli pilot Zivi Nedivi to make an emergency landing.

The crash sent his jet into a wild roll and both pilot and navigator were prepared to eject. In a last ditch effort to salvage the plane, Nedivi switched on the afterburners and miraculously stabilized the aircraft. The quick-thinking pilot then flew 10 miles to land at the nearest air-base.



There are people who are fascinated by jet planes so much, that during the years an amazing culture of building scale models has developed.

Those scale models airplanes are powered by miniature, but quite powerful jet engines that can produce the same mind-blowing sound like real ones.

Here is a good example for that.

Take a look at the jet engine on the video below.

This guy on the video figured out a unique way how to make his neighbors really angry. What we see on the footage is a micro jet engine with a single stage axial turbine and 6-Stage axial compressor.

To spin the engine the owner used a small hand starter just so that the engine reaches enough speed to sustain running and then he pulls it away. It’s hard to determine the real scale of the noise. This jet engine sounds really loud, but it could be even louder in reality. So, I wonder what the neighbors have to say about the noisy engine when they hear it running like hell?It’s definitely an amazing machine.

Have you ever seen something like this? Feel free to share it with us.


Ultimate Airplane Fails Compilation! These Pilots Had A Really Bad Day At Work!

Although most vehicles are easy to operate and learning how to maneuver them is relatively easy, this can`t be said about airplanes. These machines are very complex and require vast knowledge before you can fly one. Today, we are sharing an airplane fails compilation video which contains landings and takeoffs that have gone wrong!

Sometimes it is the pilot`s fault, sometimes the weather is just too bad to handle, but in the end, all of these guys had a bad day at work! You will see pretty much every possible scenario in this compilation, from horrible crashes, to hesitant pilots, to actually decent landings.

Many of these crashes are from military jets, where the pilots are trying to show off too hard. Luckily, they are trained to eject the second they sense the danger. In another instance, a commercial plane is trying to land in heavy crosswind, but he actually does a great job and lands the plane safely. Several times you will see pilots who try to land, but then change their mind in the last second! All in all, this airplane fails compilation is filled with all kinds of possible situations. Watch the video below to see all the fails in one place!



The land speed record golden age is now over. I`m not speaking about special vehicles build for beating the land speed record such as “Trust”.

I am focusing on the road cars. It`s not a phenomenon when you see 200+ mph car on the street. It`s something common. Of course not every vehicle can achieve 200+mph, but anyways, there are quite lot cars, which can do this.

And even if some hot ride can achieve 200, this is not just common acceleration process. There must be appropriate tires, appropriate road conditions, appropriate fuel resources. Well, this requires a very long and accurate preparing. And even this is not all! If the speed is reached this doesn`t mean, that it can be maintained as long as driver will need. No!



This Crazy Pilot Flew a MiG 17 Under A Bridge!

In 1965 an incredible stunt was pulled by a Soviet pilot named Valentin Privalov, who managed to fly his MiG 17 jet fighter under a bridge on the Ob River in Western Siberia.

The event was described by witnesses who claim this actually happened, even though the credibility of the photograph depicting the flight has often been debated for being edited.

What do you think?