Winter is one of the most beautiful seasons but it can be very difficult when it comes to travelling. Fortunately, the man of the images found a suitable solution.

 He invented a strange vehicle, using ski, a bike and powered by a chainsaw. As we can see, the engine is perfectly working.

The idea is great and also cheap. Would you like to have something like this in your yard?

Ingenious System Turns Any Truck into a Snowmobile

If you live in an area that often gets heavy snowfall, it can be hard to get around with a car or truck in the sometimes dangerous conditions. Instead of owning a snowmobile, you can now transform your truck into one, through the use of detachable tracks.

With tank tracks on each wheel, you’ll never have to worry about losing traction again, and traversing even the slipperiest of terrains will become easy.

If you don’t live in a wintery environment, why not get a set anyway and become the only person around with an awesome tank truck?




A day of snowmobiling on the lake can be the perfect cure to cut off a week of stressfulness by just hopping onboard and going for a ride.

Somehow, when this rider headed out for a day of fun, that day would quickly take a turn for the worse when the ride took off across the lake on its own.

The guys could do nothing but stand by and watch as their expensive toy rocketed itself across the water until it got to the land on the other side.



Being Towed By A Drone On A Snowboard Is The Most Badass Video You Will See Today!

This is the best use of a drone we have ever seen!

Casey Neistat is wild! This might be the coolest thing he’s done yet! He had a massive drone made and uses it to tow him around on a snowboard and up a mountain! No one makes a drone like this that can pull a person into the air with ease.

But Casey found a way, and it is awesome! He wouldn’t fake something like this so you know it’s real. This is why he’s one of the best YouTubers ever and entertains such a large audience!

Amazing Cruise on Snow with Homemade All-Terrain Vehicle Tracks

Would you like to take a cruise on snow with this cool homemade ATV tracks? If you’re saying “Yes!”, check out this great video!!!  It works really well.
This fantastic-looking all-terrain vehicle is completely homemade. No doubt the craftsman of this mechanic baby has some super engineering skills! Watch and enjoy this spectacular homemade ATV in action.
Great job! It’s worth to see!!! What do you think about this homemade ATV?