This Snowmobiler Just Rode Along a River… And Up a Waterfall

He skips up it like a salmon on steroids

We already knew snowmobiles were pretty awesome machines, but we’ve never seen this before – this guy just took one up a huge rapid. We say rapid, that thing is basically be a waterfall

Kalle ‘KJ’ Johansson is a professional snowmobiler, who apparently holds a world record for the longest snowmobile water jump.

He is also the first European to backflip a snowmobile and a dirt bike. With such a CV we’re not surprised he simply skipped up this like some crazy salmon.



Winter is Coming: 1-3 Inches of Snow Set to Hit Northern MN Overnight

Update: Yes, it snowed. Here’s Monday morning’s update.

The original story from Thursday is below.
October has barely started and Minnesota is set for its first big snowfall.

The National Weather Service in Duluth has issued an advisory about a “short period of heavy snow” hitting north central and northeastern Minnesota overnight and into Monday morning.

The NWS is predicting 1-3 inches on the ground in the morning from the Brainerd Lakes area all the way up to Kabetogama.

Ok, so by Minnesota standards that isn’t huge, but it’s more impressive considering that the storm system will first start off as rain and then will fall at a rate of between 1-3 inches an hour for “several hours.”

Even though the warm surface temperatures will melt some of it after it falls, compaction will still leave a decent amount on the ground come the morning, the NWS says.

We believe this would be the first snow of the season in Minnesota, which would make it the earliest snow since 2012.

According to FOX 9, the first snow recorded in Minnesota last year fell on Oct. 28, and in 2014 it was Nov. 3. Four years ago the first snow fell on Sept. 25.

In the Twin Cities, the earliest 1-inch snowfall recorded happened in 1942, when it fell on Sept. 26, according to the University of Minnesota.

Forecasters have been suggesting this winter will be much colder than the last one, with Accuweather reporting a developing snowpack in early December could contribute to temperatures averaging 6-9 degrees lower than last winter, with temperatures of 20-30 below possible in northern Minnesota.

Snowmobile Ditch Ban Could Hurt Million Dollar Industry Says Federation

The joy for most snowmobilers is to be able go out the back door, hop on their machines and go says federation

The head of the P.E.I. Snowmobile Association says banning off-road vehicles from driving in the ditches could ruin the industry.

Dale Hickox said the industry would be hurt if snowmobilers couldn’t travel in the ditches to get to the trails.

Calls for the ban were heard last week during a presentation to P.E.I.’s Standing Committee on Agriculture. Randy Pitre, manager of a blueberry field in Albany blamed snowmobilers for causing thousands of dollars worth of damage to the fields.

Hickox said the industry would be hurt if snowmobilers couldn’t travel in the ditches to get to the trails.

“Pretty much sure that it would shut down a $15-20 million a year economic impact on Prince Edward Island,” he said.

“Snowmobilers spend a lot of money to be able to use their machines and travel. The ditches of course are very important because that allows you to actually get to the trails in some places.”

Hickox said the association promotes awareness of private property and use of good judgement when riders are trying to get to the hundreds of kilometres of trails in the province.

He also disagrees with Pitre’s suggestion that snowmobilers haul their machines around by trailer to get to the trails. Hickox said many drivers don’t have trailers and don’t live right on the trails.

Besides, Hickox said, the joy for most snowmobilers is to be able go out the back door, hop on their machines and go.


Snowmobile Stoped by Idiot Cop

Makes me sad seeing how America is becoming a communist country anymore ! I don’t get why we have so many laws for dumb stuff next were going end up like North Korea its like if you risk a little to have fun its wrong and you end up getting a ticket they were not doing anything wrong sure they risk hurting them self but they know that :S

I have seen a lot of comments where people are saying cops have the right to stop you, well you are wrong. The police have to have a reason “probable cause” to stop you, They can’t just say hey I’m going stop these guys because they are on snowmobiles or a car ect.   BS stop and then two sleds passed so why didn’t that cop stop them????


Snowmobile Hits Bridge While Watercrossing!!!

I’d be sorry if the guy was hurt, but, seriously folks, these guys all know the risks, they’ve all seen sleds sunk,they are pumped by the accidents, and they’re just plain testosterone-driven, and that makes them do stupid things and laugh at them.
 Like the saying goes, “It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt – then it’s hilarious!” .
 And that kids an asshole who said I got it on tape id kick his ass!

Winter 2017 Will Be Extra Brutal Because Life is Unfair Sometimes

Do you remember last winter?

The biting cold that made your face freeze within minutes, the frosty wind that assailed you from every side, the avalanches of snow that turned your front porches into refrigerators?

Well, gear up, because the winter of 2017 is going to be even worse.

 The Old Farmer`s Almanac predicts that it will be especially cold and that even places that don’t usually experience much snowfall, like the Pacific Northwest, will be hit with buckets of it.

Now, before you curl up into a ball and cry, let’s look at the bright side.

Firstly, there are plenty of scientists who poo-poo the almanac, which is based on a secret formula that founder Robert B. Thomas designed using solar cycles, climatology, and meteorology, so it could be wrong.

But even if it is right, there are certain perks to a real, sturdy winter.

“Just about everybody who gets snow will have a White Christmas in one capacity or another,” Almanac editor Janice Stillman told  The Huffington Post.

Which means there will be ever more reason to stay curled up inside with your loved ones, cradling a cup of tea, and watching the windows frost over as the sky carpets the earth in a thick blanket of white.