Smart Car + Skis = Smart Snowmobile

Canadian mechanic Todd Anderson has turned a 2007 diesel Smart Car into a full-fledged snowmobile. Oh, Canada.

Anderson, who lives in Ottawa, didn’t have any specific reason for creating the Smartmobile, he told CTV News. It was “just a thought that came to me,” he said, “and [it] seemed like the right thing to do.”


Snowmobiler Killed After Sled Hits Deer, Then Tree

A snowmobiler was killed after she struck a deer, then hit a tree, the sheriff’s department says.

Debra Kingsley, 58, of Alpena, died in the crash reported at 11 a.m. Saturday, March 5.

She became the 24th snowmobiler killed this season in Michigan, according to the state Department of Natural Resources.

Last season, 14 snowmobilers died in crashes.

The fatal crash was the second in two days.

Craig Stephen Bye, 60, of Saginaw, was killed in a crash Friday, March 4, in Kalkaska County that injured his 5-year-old grandson.

They were riding at a high speed when they struck a low-hanging branch and collided with a tree, sheriff’s deputies said.

Bye died at the scene of the 2:12 p.m. crash. His grandson was conscious after the crash and airlifted to Munson Medical Center with undisclosed injuries.

Both used helmets.

In this weekend’s other fatal accident, police said Kingsley was riding on Trail 992 near Dewyre Road in Presque Isle County’s Bismarck Township when she struck a deer, then a tree.

She was wearing a helmet. Speed was not a factor in the crash, police said.

DNR officers, Case Township firefighters and Rogers City Ambulance assisted at the scene.

Local Man’s Two-Sled Creation a Unique Snowmobiling Experience

Meet the Double Vision Machine 2, Stan Checketts’ latest turbo toy, and riding just one snowmobile at a time may not be enough anymore.

Although the twin Arctic Cats welded side by side and driven by just one rider pack plenty of power, Checketts said, driving it is a different story.

“It’s really a challenge to drive, but once you learn how, it’s really, really fun,” Checketts said. With one throttle and one brake for each snowmobile on each side of the handlebars, controlling the two motors at once can be quite the learning curve.

Checketts’ son, Cody Davis, said it’s very different from a regular snowmobile because instead of leaning with your body to turn, the Double Vision tank of a snowmobile turns by pulling the throttle on one side and the brake on the other.

“One snowmobile, you use your body a lot to turn or whatever, and this one pretty much you have to sit down and just use the controls,” Davis said. “It almost turns like a skid steer tractor.”

“It’s really fun because you have to think,” Checketts said. “It (takes) a lot more concentration than a regular sled.”

Even Checketts had a hard time controlling the twin sleds at first, and a split-second lapse in response time — forgetting which throttle to pull and which side to brake — sent Checketts barreling headfirst into a tree on an early test run, Davis said.

“I got too overly confident, I thought wrong, I hit the wrong gas and I wrecked,” Checketts said. “We rebuilt it, and it was a job, but it was fun.”

Checketts said he worked on the snowmobile primarily with Dennis Falslev, but several others also helped. With everything said and done, he estimated that the snowmobile took about 500 man hours between all of them to complete.

The Double Vision 2 was completed and race-worthy in time for the Jackson Hole Hillclimb last year, and Davis’ youngest brother, Kevin Checketts, was practiced, suited up and ready to run, Stan Checketts said. But although Checketts said the race organizers had previously said they would allow the double sled to do the hillclimb but not compete, they decided at the last minute that Checketts’ novelty snowmobile would only be allowed to the first catwalk, a decision that Checketts said was very disappointing.

Man flees on snowmobile, strikes cop

Officers stopped a snowmobile travelling eastbound on the trail for speeding, when suddenly the driver decided to flee.

A man stopped by police on a snowmobile trail, tried to escape and struck an officer with his sled in the process.

On Friday February 26, members of the North East Region Snowmobile, ATV, Vessel Enforcement Unit were patrolling Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Club trail D near Sprucedale, south of North Bay.

Officers stopped a snowmobile travelling eastbound on the trail for speeding, when suddenly the driver decided to flee, striking an officer with his snowmobile.

The driver, Gordon Nussey, 51 of Chatham-Kent was eventually stopped and arrested.

Nussey is charged with:

  • Dangerous operation of a motor vehicle,
  • Assault a police officer,
  • Fail to stop for police,
  • Speeding – in excess of 50 kilometers per hour on a public trail

Nussey was released from custody and is to appear at the Ontario Court of Justice on Thursday March 24, in Sundridge.

The officer was taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries.


This video has the crash in slow motion unlike the original video.

I ran into this group while snowmobiling one weekend a few years ago. This was obviously the first time this guy had ever skipped water. Not to mention….. Did you see that tree right in front of you?? DUH!!!!!
Sorry for the shaky cam… it was shot with an old point & shoot while wearing winter gloves.

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This Snowmobile/ATV Hybrid Might be the Coolest Toy We’ve Ever Seen

 Spring is right around the corner. This means that we need must put up our snowmobiles in a cozy place and get back to the dirt roads. But what if we could drive both, a snowmobile and ATV, two in one?

Finnish designer Anssi Mustonen created (digitally, of course) The KTM X2 Hybrid, and this is a perfect all round vehicle. This unique hybrid is special not with his engine, actually this hybrid is special in the combination of both: It can be snowmobile during the winter, and ATV during spring and summer.

What do you think? Interesting eh?

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