Semi-trailer facing high wind turns police cruiser into a pancake

This happened in Wyoming on Interstate 80. Extremely high winds caused a semi-trailer truck to completely tip over right on top of a police car. The state troopers were assisting in an auto crash, so they weren’t actually in the car.

Nobody was hurt, but as the Wyoming Highway Patrol notes, “All we ask is that you please follow high wind advisories and closures when you are traveling in our great state.

Even if you plan to travel at reduced speeds. Hopefully this video illustrates why.”


Crazy guy jumps out of truck at 50 mph and starts running

When it comes to crazy stunts, it doesn’t get much wilder than this.

While cruising along at 50 mph, this Ford driver jumps out the window and starts “running” alongside his F-250. He alternates between flying, skiing, and “skateboarding” all while wearing the biggest shit-eating grin you’ve ever seen.

At first some viewers thought his truck was being towed, which still doesn’t make this stunt any less crazy, but when the camera pulls back we see it’s just cruise control.

In his YouTube description Manny writes, “Me back in the Dayz Skitching out of my Truck on a Safe Road! 🙂 Do not try on a Public Road at any Time!”

Clearly, DO NOT ever try this stunt!


Be glad your girlfriend isn’t this nuts – Girl going crazy on a Ford truck

We have said it before and we’ll say it again, no matter what someone has done to you, destroying the things they own is going to do nothing but make the situation more diffiult and get you into deeper BS than you already were.

However, that did not stop this lady from going on a complete rampage on her boyfriends Ford truck. Kicking and screaming and hitting his car. We aren’t sure what he did but it had to be bad.

Check out the video below as some guy nearby pulls out a phone to record her and her psychoness. What do you think of this wild display of anger? Is this any way to solve your problems?


Badass truck-tank tackles mud like a boss

You know you love muddin’ when you trade in your giant tires for tank treads.

These magnificent redneck mudders have built a monument to ‘Murican glory with their badass track buggy.

When you’re surrounded by swamps and marshland it’s nice to ride above all the muck and mire. Well done fellas!


1935 Chevy is the Coolest Tow You’ve Ever Seen

One of the best drives that you can take sometimes is the drive to a motor show, since you will see many car enthusiasts, share opinions learn new stuff and make new friends that have similar interests.
This was the drive that a couple of guy were taking in a 350 Chev Powered FC Station Sedan when they happened to stumble upon something that looked like a huge banana on wheels.
Turns out it is a 1935 Chevy flatbed truck or in other words the most amazing tow truck that has ever hit the streets.

Play the video and see those amazing details like the extremely oversized whitewalls with custom suspension and tons of modifications.


Meet the Harley Davidson Dump Bed Truck

Well folks, meet the Harley Davidson Dump Bed Truck, a truck that breaks in half in order for you to complete the loading process as painful and with little to no effort.

The truck is a custom 2004 Ford F-350 Super Duty Diesel truck, and the special skills that is possesses are nothing short of astounding, we have seen the idea on big trucks that drop their beds for quick and easy loading many times, but we would never expect something like that to be used in a pickup, let alone, a pick up what was designed to load a Harley on his back.

If you are one of those guys that often take your bike with you in the back of the truck, and have a few bucks to spend, then look no further, this is the best vehicle conversion that you can do which will also be the most useful one.

Play the video and see the magic happen in front of you.



Highway cable barriers may have saved this trucker’s life

This dashcam video was just a few feet away from showing us two semi trucks crashing head to head at highway speeds.

These cable barriers are designed to slow crashing vehicles. While they did their job and prevented a head on collision, I’m sure this trucker would have liked if they were a little bit stronger so the evasive actions weren’t needed.

The work truck ahead looks like he exited the highway after the near miss out of sheer terror. Can you blame him though?

Watch This Automatic Bollard Demolish a Would-Be Terrorist Truck in an Instant

Security is a big topic in 2016 as we learn more of the lengths people are going through as well as their capabilities of being hostile. We have to worry about gunmen, riots, protestors, school shooters, terrorists and a billion other things that could ruin our lives at any point in time, and our media is keen on pointing that fact out. Yes, there’s a lot of scaremongering going on in this world for one cause or another, but continually pointing it out and offering no real help doesn’t do anything for anyone.

Luckily there are people out there doing everything they can to improve security measures all around the globe, and this nifty remodel works like a monster!

This automatic bollard is an absolute monster when compared to our current pop-up poles. Instead of utilising single poles grouped close together this mechanism functions like a flip trap that quickly pops up when needed. The contraption is so powerful that a semi truck speeding down the test track slams into it and it doesn’t budge an inch, instead the truck itself is absolutely torn apart on the moment of impact!


Man Sets New World Record With 166-Foot Semi-Truck Jump

His name is Gregg Godfrey and now he is a Guinness record holder for the longest Semi-Truck jump in the world as he flew about 100 feet more than the former record at the event held in the honor of Evel Knievel in Butte Montana.

About 2000 people showed up for the event which was to feature a few record attempts, one of which was the run thru ten burning walls, which apparently is enough to earn you a world record.

The whole footage is short but amazing since you don’t see a huge nine-ton semi fly thru the air in real life that often, yes we have all seen Optimus Prime do it, but that is CGI and not real life.