Vince Jones —

who stars on History Channel’s “Big Rig Bounty Hunters” — died at his home in Delaware, OH on Wednesday … TMZ has learned.

Vince’s mother, Cathy Smith, tells us … Vince’s wife woke up at 4 AM and heard him making strange noises, and he was barely breathing. She says the wife performed CPR and his 14-year-old son tried to help as well … but they couldn’t revive him.

The family believes it was a heart attack.

We’re told Vince was diagnosed with sleep apnea last year and wasn’t wearing his mask Tuesday night … which they believe deprived him of oxygen and triggered the heart attack.

Vince’s daughter just got married last Saturday, and we’re told he was fine at the wedding.
Vince leaves behind his wife and 6 children. He was 46.

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If you’ve never had the pleasure of laying your eyes on a tractor pulling competition, these machines are known to crank out some serious torque and push themselves to the absolute mechanical limits in the name of pulling that load further than the next guy to land a little bit higher on the scoreboard, ideally climbing to first place

Check out the video below that might just leave you speechless as this wild pulling machine self-destructs and leaves its parts laying all over the place.

Hopefully, the team was able to get back out there without too much downtime in between events!


An old school Chevy Blazer challenges a Ford Raptor up a ski slope

Sometimes, the minimalist approach is best. We can say that in this case. The YouTube description says it all:

An old school Chevy Blazer schools a Ford Raptor at the 2014 Griztek Snow Challenge in Michigan.

Now, I wish I knew the year and what’s under the hood of that Blazer, but is doesn’t matter. The folks at Busted Knuckle have provided us with some good racing in the snow fun, and sometimes that’s all the information you need.

Truck pull settles the Cummins vs Chevy debate and his ruined pickup truck can prove it

This is hands down the funniest truck pull we’ve ever seen.

When you live in the backwoods of Poe-dunk county, Redneckville USA there’s not a lot to do on a Saturday night besides hang out in the Wal-Mart parking lot.

Looking to settle the score over whose truck is best. A pair of good-ol-boys hitch their rides bumper to bumper and hit the gas. One wins, in a big way, and Jeremy isn’t going to live it down.

Watch disaster unfold when this redneck truck pull goes so very wrong.



Have you ever been sitting in traffic and wished that you could just throw your truck in four low and drive over everything in front of you?

I’m sure this is a feeling that has been shared by more than one person who has been caught up in such a scenario but according to the laws here in the states, you have to keep your cool and not destroy every car in your path.

Now, we’re not saying that this American Humvee is driving around in the Middle East without any kind of rules in place but their driving style is definitely something that many here wish they could adopt when they run into other motorists who don’t seem to be on the same page.

Is this one, we watch on as a barrage of traffic won’t stop this Humvee driver from getting to where he needs to go as he slams into other vehicles and goes around on the wrong side of the road where nobody dares to try and get in the vehicle’s way as it plows through the streets!

Check out the video below that will show you a method of driving that most people probably wish they could adopt.

When it’s your first day at work and FAIL

Check out the video below as this car on the back of the flatbed truck ends up rolling out of control when the tow truck operator clings to the bottom of it, praying for dear life that the car doesn’t get away and it looks like he’s able to use his body weight to slow the car down and bring it to a halt. This is really some scary stuff!

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This is why you must never show your middle finger to a man that drives a big truck

Road rage is one of those bad situations out there that will follow every driver till the end of his life rolling on the streets.

This is not because every driver is a bad guy or has hot blood in his veins but there are some of them that will take care to start a fight every time with anyone.

Today we brought one of those situations. If you search on Youtube you’ll find a million of them but this one is special.



[Video] Man Rents Tank To Destroy His Old Truck

The Demolition Ranch YouTube channel lives up to its name with a recent video showcasing the ultimate demise of Matt’s 17-year-old pickup.

Wanting to give his old workhorse and epic send-off, Matt found access to a tank.

There’s a lot of talking before the action begins so skip ahead to the 5:00 minute mark to see them shoot the truck, then jump to 9:30 and watch them crush what’s left. Man, there’s nothing left!