John Deer Tractor Owns Ford Truck in Tug of War

It’s rare that you see a mini ride on tractor own a fully loaded truck at a game of tug of war.

Well I guess it’s a common trait for Fords to get beat by everything else.

Either the tractor was crazy supped up or the truck has something seriously wrong with it. Be sure to check out the video below and let us know what you think about this epic fail by ford.



This Is What We Call Crazy: Monster Truck Does Burnouts on Two Cars

Some people use cars for take themselves from somewhere to another while the others, crazy ones let’s say, use cars do make crazy things.

In the video we presented below, a extraordinarily crazy Duramax diesel powered Chevy monster truck is demonstrated while doing mind-blowing burnouts on two other cars.

Scroll down, check out the video and see this extraordinary scene!!!!




When it comes to performance, there are several auto manufacturers that offer up packages to perform in all kinds of elements whether it be out on the race track or blasting about in the desert. This time, we check out one of those vehicles in the Ford F-150 Raptor.

Now, obviously, from the factory, the truck has been beefed up a little bit to handle more of what nature can throw at it but that doesn’t mean it’s bulletproof by any means. From my experience, just about nothing that comes from the factory is bulletproof until you get your hands on it and strengthen it up a little bit.

This time, when throwing the full-size pickup truck into a muddy pond of sorts, the owner learns that the hard way as the intense beating on the truck renders a front CV joint broken. I guess that’s not the worst thing that could have happened in a situation like this but it still is a pain to haul it out an fix it.

Check out the video below as this driver pushes his truck to the edge and it tips over, taking a part along for the ride. It shouldn’t be too long before it’s fixed and back out on the trails again!


See What Happens When You Shoot 50 Cal Rounds Into The Engine Of A Pickup Truck!

The FullMag Youtube channel offers nothing but the most badass videos where Richard Ryan takes his gun arsenal and shoots things to see how well they can handle the impact.

Although it may sound a bit juvenile to some of you guys, we have to admit that it is way cooler than it sounds.

After Richard’s truck began having issues and he found out it would cost more to fix it then the car was actually worth he thought there was no better way to send off his beloved vehicle then with a blaze of glory.

In this video he takes his 50 Caliber rifle and shoots several rounds through the engine of his pick up.

The result only goes to prove just how tough Ford’s are made ! Click the video below to check it out!


This is How a Redneck Destroys his Old Ford Truck

There isn’t exactly a story behind this video, except for the fact that this old Ford truck wasn’t fully working anymore, and the owner decided to get rid of it his own way.

As we see from the video, he has lifted his truck up and he’s revving the truck to death, while shooting it with a gun.

This is just awful, I mean, there are places specifically built to crush unwanted cars, you don’t need to do this to your vehicle. Oh, and wait till he starts chopping down trees to fall on top of the truck, that really looks mature.


What Makes This Truck Worth Over $1,000,000?

When was the last time you hear about a truck selling for one million? Let me answer that… never! Just looking at this monster of a truck, no pun intended, the hairs on my neck stand straight up. This thing has a huge set of 66x44x15 in tires with enormous 26 inch shocks.

Its built with Rockwell PS-115 axes and crafted drive lanes are what makes this beast worth every penny. The wheel base is over 23 feet… That’s insane! with room 12 passengers you and the entire extended family can enjoy this mudslinger. But of course your chances are much better if your flush with cash!

Its built with Rockwell PS-115 axes and crafted drive lanes are what makes this beast worth every penny. The wheel base is over 23 feet… That’s insane! with room 12 passengers you and the entire extended family can enjoy this mudslinger. But of course your chances are much better if your flush with cash! Thats a lot of cheddar for a toy!


This Nasty Truck is Bad to The Bone

There are plenty of folks that don’t like the term or idea of a ‘Rat Rod’. With that being said, we LOVE the idea of people rescuing old steel from a fence row or barn, and we could give shit less what people call or if they like it.

I see a lot of strange things related to cars everyday, but this bad boy took the cake for the day.

Anyway, this is just my opinion on it, the truck looks bad ass but not something I would drive, what about you? Would you take this bad boy for a ride once in a while? Give us your opinions.



This is What Happens When You Try Loading 59′ Chevrolet Apache with No Brakes At All!

When it comes to fail videos, we’ve present many of them for you, but the one you’re going to see below is something different! In this desperately hilarious video, a “brilliant” guy is trying to load a 1958 Chevrolet Apache that has no brakes at all.

After loading the truck up on the trailer, it rolls off of the trailer and hits to the ground. Fortunately, no serious damage occurred after this unsuccessful loading attempt.

Scroll down, check the video and see this loading fail!!


Convertible Semi-Truck – One More INSANE BUILD!

When we talk about the tastes there is no place for discussed. That’s because some people prefer to build low key and draw out admiration, and from the other side, other people prefer other things – they wants to show some right up front, and they will do it demanding everyone and they will nearby to take a peek.

It is not difficult to realize what this builder in the video below wants to do.

Checking this we can come to conclusion that this semi truck is something craziest – most awesome thing that we have seen in last time. It looks totally cool and extra – terrestrial, while the driver is seating on the seat, this Bounty Hunter is doing its job. It is playing with its body, up and down, and at the end everyone is pretty surprised and thrilled, and in style and with pride leaving the scene.