Compilation of Baddest Diesel Trucks on the Planet

Here is another brand new and perfectly enjoyable compilation video for you! This time we present a super cool compilation video that demonstrates the coolest, baddest and the best Diesel truck ever created on the planet.

That must be a great feeling to have one of these spectacular trucks and to take an excellent cruise with it. Take a look at this simply splendid compilation video and see how badass these Diesel trucks are for yourself!!!


Man Saws Tree Trunk into Truck Bed: You Must Be Kidding Me!

In this video we show you below, there is insanely epic fail, which is sure to make you laugh for a couple minutes. Here, a “brilliant” old man attempts to load a huge tree trunk up onto his pickup truck and apparently this is not a very practical method.

When the large tree trunk falls into the truck bed, the truck (still don’t know why) start moving straight, causing the old man get into a flap.

Scroll down, watch the video and see how funny it is!!!


Road Rage Revenge: Aggressive Pickup Truck Driver Tailgates And Gets Instant KARMA

Road rage usually ends very badly for at least one of the parties involved. And in this case the man who started the road rage incident is the one who ended up with the wrecked truck and his hands in hand cuffs.

We don’t know how this incident began, but we sure are glad that a victim was smart enough to video tape the redneck in his truck.

He flips her off, punches the gas, and the rest you will have to watch and see…



Father Stops Dangerous Police Chase Near Kids With His Truck

In Syracuse, Utah comes this footage near what appears to be a school or playground in a suburban area.

It begins with footage of children playing in a field as the woman filming them tells them to get out of the way as a suspect being chased by the police tears through the field.

He must have decided to try going through the same area again however this time a local father decides to get in his truck and bring this dangerous suspect to his end!
He drives straight into the perpetrator and brings this dangerous chase to a close!