These banned Superbowl commercials were just too suggestive for the censors

From simple cola companies to social media firms dedicated to helping their customers commit adultery, everyone wants an ad during the Superbowl. Here’s a collection of some of the funniest commercials that were just too raunchy and suggestive to make it past censors. Some were edited down for TV while others were simply denied air time completely. Enjoy!  

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He saw a huge pair of jugs and had to touch them, but all she did was laugh

The setup for this classic prank is nothing new, but it’s a great excuse to make a few new friends. While walking along the sidewalk of a local beach, the prankster approaches different well endowed women and makes a comment about “huge jugs.” Then his fellow prankster approaches from behind carrying a couple handles of bottled water.  

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“Did they really have to shoot him?” Sometimes the answer is yes

‘Did they really have to shoot him? Why didn’t they use a taser?” These are some of the first questions asked by the public after a fatal police shooting. Many people assume that a taser is the “magic bullet” solution to a violent threat. In reality, tasers are not as effective as they seem on film and TV. Tasers are ...

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