Explosive ‘bait box’ covers package thief with poo

A neighborhood victimized by a package thief decided to fight back with a nasty ‘bait box.’

The box is filled with excrement, just like the scumbag who stole it. With hidden cameras in place, the homeowners finally identify the thief.

The box is set on a timer and will explode 40 seconds after it has been moved. The homeowners are worried that they’ve set the timer too long and they won’t be able to catch the thief’s reaction on video. Fortunately, the thief doesn’t even make it down the block before hitting the brakes with a face full of crap.


Armed robber accidentially shoots himself in the head as ‘victim’ runs him down like a dog

There’s almost nothing more satisfying than watching an armed thug get what he deserves.

This walking piece of fecal matter robbed four people in a Denny’s parking lot. One victim breaks free and ran inside, the others decided to fight back with the first weapon they found. They live in Hawthorne, California so a gun was pretty much out of the question, but they did have a car.

As the robber runs off, the driver puts the pedal to the floor and runs the fool over. Somehow this scumbag managed to shoot himself in the head while actively becoming street pizza.

Police officers released the following statement to the media,

“As the suspect fled on foot towards an awaiting vehicle, he was struck by the victims’ car. The robber survived and was taken to the local hospital in critical condition. We believe this impact caused the suspect to accidentally fire his gun, causing his own injuries. It appears that the suspect’s accomplices initially attempted to assist him into their vehicle to escape, but eventually fled the scene without him.”

The victims all fled the scene, but returned a few minutes later to give a statement to police officers


Running from gunfire: Which is best? Straight line, crouched, or zig-zag?

Whether you’re fleeing the shooter or trying to reposition yourself for a tactical edge, what is the best way to relocate while under fire? If you ask the average person on the street the most common answer is “don’t run in a straight line!” When asked why they gave that answer, most people cite TV, movies, and pop culture. (Remember “Serpentine! Serpentine!” when Peter Falk and Alan Arkin were running from fire in The In-Laws?)

Countless tactical “experts,” wiki-sites, and even some University Police Departments suggest running in either a crouched position or in a zig-zag. The only problem is that almost none of these “experts” have much data to support their suggestions.

Greg Ellifritz, an instructor from the Tactical Defense Institute, decided to conduct a scientific experiment comparing straight line, zig-zag, and crouched runs. For this experiment Ellifritz used military and LEO grade non-lethal training ammunition, which is basically a standard cartridge with a paintball instead of a bullet.

Keep in mind that Ellifritz had to control as many variables as possible, so his results are only representative for this particular scenario. The shooter has a Glock 17, stands 20 feet from the target, and the target must run 30 feet across flat open ground to cover. To simulate a real world environment where the shooter may not know where all of his targets are or where they will run, the shooter begins with his back to the target, and the target can run to one of two cover positions.

His results were published in an Active Response Training article back in 2013. After 34 tests with mostly male subjects aged 20-70 (average age was 40), this is what he found:

Straight Line:

# Trials- 12

# Shots Fired- 21

% Hits- 52%

% Center Mass or head hits (out of total shots fired)- 47%


# Trials- 10

# Shots Fired- 20

% Hits- 55%

% Center Mass or head hits (out of total shots fired)- 50%


# Trials- 12

# Shots Fired- 24

% Hits- 54%

% Center Mass or head hits (out of total shots fired)- 36%

Ellifritz was surprised to discover that there was only a very small difference in hit rates. While the zig-zag method did have the lowest % center Mass or head hits, it did not have any lower % hits, meaning that the hits were taken to extremities. Another important note Ellifritz made was the total shot count, which was higher for both zig-zag and crouch methods. Basically running in a straight line allowed the target to get to cover faster than either other option. In some trials the shooter could only make one shot before the target was able to reach cover.

Ellifritz also comment on the discrepancy between center of mass shots. “If I was unarmed and not wearing body armor, I would prefer an extremity hit to one in the torso. If I was armed and needed that extremity to shoot back, or if I was wearing body armor, I would prefer the torso shot.”

In this scenario Ellifritz concludes that speed appears to be the most important factor. He suggests that there is not enough evidence to suggest that a zig-zag pattern of flight is the superior option. Although the zig-zag method has some benefits in certain scenarios, particularly for anyone who cannot run quickly. He advises against using the zig-zag mehtod for anyone with bad knees or who is wearing body armor. He strongly advises against running in a crouched position across open ground.


The 1000 degree knife cuts through almost everything with ease

Everyone’s favorite internet commentator for Down Under is back, and this time Ozzy Man is looking at the 1000 degree knife.

Today he’s looking at a series of YouTube videos featuring a hot knife cutting through various items like, well, a hot knife through butter.

There’s no one quite like Ozzy Man when it comes to viral commentary.


Unlimited hot water without gas or electricity with off-the-grid survival technique

This trick from practicalpreppers.com show a great way to heat up your water while living off the grid.

With a thermosiphon, you can have a nearly endless supply of hot water without using any gas or electricity.

You will need a copper coil, a stove pipe, and a water heater. All of these materials are cheap and readily available at any hardware store or residential material reclamation depot.

Building survival equipment from scarps is an essential skill set for anyone who wants to be ready when shit hits the fan.

See how to build your own with the video below. Leave a comment on Facebook if you have any ideas to help improve this setup.


Idiot terrorist takes selfie with bomb trigger phone, blows up whole squad

It’s not surprising the idiots dumb enough to become suicide bombers aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed, but this video reveals a whole new level of stupid.

While chanting into a video camera, the tool on the left decides this is the perfect time for a pre-attack group selfie.

Fortunately for the rest of us, he grabbed the bomb trigger phone instead and lit up his whole squad.


Full auto ping pong cannon can be built in just a few hours

If you can’t be firing or working on real guns you may as well be turning other objects into guns.

That’s Mythbuster Adam Savage’s montra, and he’s here to show off a glorious ping pong ball machine gun.

He built the entire thing in just one day, and you can too! It will help if you have access to a lathe, otherwise you’ll just have to improvise.


Robber pulls knife on a cashier, doesn’t know the man in white has a gun

While waiting in line to check out at the grocery store, a man with a CCW permit became a hero and saved a cashier’s life in the next lane.

The man in black has supposedly dropped his own items off for checkout in the lane on the left before turning his attention to the cashier on the right.

He draws a knife, presses it to her side, and speaks softly into her ear. Not everyone can see what’s happening, but the man in white behind him sure does.

He quietly draws his firearm and orders the man to drop the knife.