Rewatch the video 2 stopped in the middle of the road and there was a white truck coming up on the side of 3 if he went over as some have suggested he would have hit the white truck that was riding on the road/shoulder. 3 had no option but to hit the idiot who stopped in the middle of ...

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Modern-day blacksmith forges a tomahawk from a railroad spike in high-def video

Mr. Miller himself of Miller Knives recorded this stunning High Definition footage of him forging a tomahawk from a railroad spike. It’s pretty impressive to watch blacksmithing of this caliber. It’s beautiful work. As one user on YouTube commented, “Bro, this is really cool.” Miller does other similar things like forging swords from wrenches, or building folding ring knifes. He’s ...

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Redneck rocket chair nearly kills the test pilot

The guys at Street Outlaws decided to pull a Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor and give their spinning office chair a little more power. After securing the base with ratchet straps and mounting a pair of nitrous tanks to the sides, they gave the “test pilot” a helmet and buckled him in. As soon as the string is pulled, they ...

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