Here’s the best way to sharpen a chainsaw in the field

This chainsaw hack is a great solution if you hit a rock or something else that dulls your chain in the field. If you forgot a spare chain or a vice, sharpening your old chain can be a real pain. With this trick you can turn almost any tree stump into a vice with the help of a simple wedge. ...

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Two Navy snipers take on 38 Somali pirates

Over the last 7 years, the European Union Naval Forces have undertaken a massive operation against Somali pirates. Hundreds of hostages have been safely rescued and reports of piracy have dropped significantly thanks to their efforts. This video compiles footage of various naval assaults on pirate vessels and civilian ships under pirate control.  

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Now we know why Southerners don’t design GPS systems

These friends are trying to go on a road trip, but they’re having a little trouble following the directions coming from their Southern GPS system. If you’ve ever gotten directions from someone in the South, you’ll know exactly the type of trouble they’re in. You’d better know the difference between ‘down yonder’ and ‘a hop, skip, and a jump’ if ...

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