The world of college and professional sports is a hyper competitive one.

Coaches have very little time to build a competitive team out of an ever-revolving room of players.

For big-time football college coaches like Urban Meyer, failure to do so means the unemployment line, which is why modern coaches are constantly looking for new ways to motivate players to perform to the best of their ability.

One of the most unique motivational methods used by Meyer at Ohio State University involves what is known as the “Harley-Davidson Workout.” The grueling fitness regimen takes place every year in early March, and it has quickly earned a reputation for being one of the toughest of the year. It’s also the last workout of the college athletes’ winter-conditioning period. Earlier this week, the team posted to Twitter a video of the team tackling the unique fitness routine.

The Buckeyes are no strangers to tough workouts. Aside from the Harley-Davidson-themed exercise routine, they also “enjoy” the annual “Valentine’s Day Massascre” workout, which is as fun as it sounds. That one involves coaches running around with chainsaws while players fall out after completing “finisher” exercises designed to push them past the point of exhaustion.

The Harley-Davidson Workout is equally grueling, but with a slightly less-scary theme. Players hit the practice field and beat up on Michigan dummies, play tug-of-war and lift weights in a frenzy of sweat and loud grunting. Meanwhile, OSU’s strength and conditioning coaches ride out on Harley-Davidsons while dressed up like bikers. Watching video of the workout, it’s hard to tell who’s more into the whole thing, the coaches or the players.

Clearly, bikers aren’t the only ones who get a rush from the auditory pleasure only a Harley can provide.