Drug dealing menace was arrested 3 times in 2017, takes a dirt nap after pointing gun at police

Police have released the body camera footage taken by the officer involved in the fatal shooting of Curtis Deal in Baltimore, Maryland last Tuesday.

Deal, 18, was out on bail for his third arrest in 2017 when Detective David Kincaid saw him driving erratically through a “high-crime zone.” After stopping the car, Deal jumped out of the vehicle and attempted to flee the scene. The footage clearly shows Deal raise a chrome pistol and point at the officer before being shot four times.

Barely an adult, Deal had already become a career criminal with an extensive arrest record just in 2017. On January 4th he was arrested for handgun possession. On January 30th he was arrested for heroin possession. Deal then combined the two offenses when he was arrested again on February 2nd for possession of heroin, a handgun, and $6,000 in cash. In 2016 he was a “person of interest” during a murder investigation.

Despite prosecutors objections, Deal was released Monday on a $250,000 bond. Kincaid was no stranger to the Baltimore Police Department, and Kincaid recognized him as soon as he started to run. Police Commissioner Kevin Davis told ABC News about his officer’s relationship with Deal, “They knew him. Curtis Deal is a drug dealer. Curtis Deal carries guns. Curtis Deal is a menace, and Curtis Deal is known to law enforcement. I expect people to chase people who bail out of cars with guns.”