Falsely arrested crash victim claims cop sexually assaulted her

Amanda Houghton did what anyone would do after her car was rear-ended, she called the police. Houghton never suspected she would be falsely arrested for a crime she did not commit. “I was shocked. Who arrests a sober person for a DUI?” Houghton asked a CBS reporter.

The accident totaled Houghton’s vehicle and left her in a state of emotional and physical distress that the officer mistook for intoxication. Shock from the accident combined with minor injuries to her feet and knees caused Houghton to fail a field sobriety test. Blood tests later proved that Houghton was completely sober, but the city has not yet dropped her DUI charge.

When the officers placed her in handcuffs, Houghton was confused and upset, which is pretty common for anyone who is being arrested for a crime they did not commit. The officer conducted what he called a ‘standard search’ that required him to place his hands on her chest. When he touched her breast, Houghton was uncomfortable and tried to pull away.

Lt. Travis Lyman believes that his officer acted ‘by the book,’ but Houghton’s lawyer disagrees. “I think this amounted to an unconstitutional search of a woman without a necessity to do so,” said her attorney, Robert Sykes. Houghton has asked her Sykes to pursue legal action against the City of Layton.