Jay Dobyns knows the Hells Angels like his own family.

That’s because for two years, he was one of them — or at least they thought so.

“I played pool with them, drank beer with them at their clubhouses, held their babies, slept at their houses,” he said.

“I was a Hells Angel. I was a part of their world.”

From 2001 to 2003, Dobyns was a United States federal special agent working undercover to delve into the operations of the world’s most notorious biker clubs.

After performing a “murder,” — which he actually faked using lamb’s blood on a fellow agent — Dobyns gained approval from them, became a full-patched member and managed to make his way into the group’s inner circles.

It was a convincing act in a dark world of violence and crime.

Dobyns was shot in the chest, got caught up in riots with rival clubs, befriended murderers and rapists and rubbed shoulders with the organization’s elite.

He became the first law enforcement officer to successfully defeat the club’s multi-layered security measures, according to his website. His infiltration resulted in police bringing down 50 of some of the most dangerous club members. Dobyns — who tells his story in the New York Times’ best-selling book ‘No Angel: My harrowing undercover journey in the inner circle of the Hells Angels. — knows what Hells Angels are capable of and it’s not pretty.

“That same guy who I sat across the table from, the same guy whose baby I held, he cut off a woman’s head because she wouldn’t have sex with him,” he said.

“Most of them are good guys as long as you’re doing what they want. But cross them and you’ll pay the price.

“That’s what they’re like.”

Yet, many men across the world are drawn to the patch and try desperately to become a biker club member, he said.

“The initial attraction is the romanticism of that culture. You want to be the rebel, the modern-day cowboy. It’s the sexiness, the glamour of it,” he said during a telephone interview from his hometown in Arizona. “But when you become involved in the Hells Angels, you quickly realize that it’s international organized crime and the stakes are so high.

“The reality is it’s a nasty, dirty, grimy, blood world.”

This province hasn’t been excluded from the Hells Angels’ influence.