SPRING HILL – A funeral procession turned violent this evening,

after witnesses say a man and his son were violently attacked at a local shopping plaza.

According to one of the victims, Richard Johnson, he and his son, Samuel Johnson, just left the Walmart on US-19, when they observed several sport bikers driving recklessly eastbound on County Line Road.

Richard says one of the bikers kicked the side of a small brown car and then began to harass him. At one point, one of the bikers pulled in front of Richard’s truck, causing him to bump the rear tire of the bike. That’s when the bikers began chasing Richard all the way to the Publix Supermarket at Seven Hills, located at Mariner Blvd and County Line Road.

One witness, “Carly” says she saw between 10 and 20 bikes speeding around the parking lot, trying to block the pickup truck from leaving. Another witness, Montana Mills, says he saw several bikers hanging off the truck, “beating the driver senseless.” At one point, Mills says some of the bikers were armed with knives, what appeared to be a pickaxe, and that they were damaging the victim’s truck. Mills talked to at least one of the bikers who told him that Richard tried to run them off the road. But Mills says “that’s no excuse for 16 bikers to attack one man.”

Samuel says he was also punched a few times but that he was uninjured.

Richard suffered a black eye, a cut to the head, and even had scratch marks on his neck from where one of the suspects allegedly tried to strangle him.

All of the bikers fled the scene prior to the arrival of law enforcement but it is believed that they are in the area of Merritt Funeral Home in Brooksville, however, that has not been confirmed.

Richard and Samuel both refused medical treatment.

The incident remains under investigation.