They say never change a winning horse, but we all know that at one point that winning horse will grow old and somebody needs to take its place, and this time it is the Harley Davidson from the future that is trying to show us what will be the next “new horse”.

According to the company, they are not only giving us one, instead in the next 10 years, there will be about 100 new bikes developed, and a few of them will be getting their power from batteries instead of a gas tanks.

As we all know, electric powered motors reach peak torque at 0 revolutions per minute, which makes them incredibly fast off the line, and to prove this we have the new production car record holder the Tesla S P100D which is faster than the incredibly expensive Ferrari LaFerrari.

At the moment, we do not know too much about the future Harley Davidson but we know it is capable of storing about 7KWh of power, and will be powered by a motor with 55 KW of power, or about 75 horsepower but after watching the video we say, shut up and take our money.

Check out the video and tell us, would you ride a silent electric bike, or would you just miss the “noise” too much?