When you think about stunts, unless you go back to the days of Evel Knievel, Harley Davidsons aren’t exactly the rides that come to mind for most of us, but don’t tell this guy that. John Shope was working on a project in his shop when he got a text reminding him about a ride he was supposed to lead.

Obviously, John didn’t want to miss out, so he threw on his helmet and jumped on his Harley Bagger and stormed toward his destination in the most enjoyable way possible.

With the torque from his Harley engine available at the twist of his wrist, Shope puts on a show on his way to the ride, popping wheelies, spinning the rear tire and slinging dirt along the way. He hit the road with a nice little drift right outside the shop before hammering down the road with the big V-Twin rumbling into the distance. From there, he takes a shortcut through an aqueduct, rocking up and down the banked sides and blowing through a wall of flame as his passes through.

After traversing the aqueduct, John heads up to a dirt road, slinging a rooster tail of dust high in the air as he drifts along the dusty trail, showing his amazing control of the massive bike. He then heads back to more standard travel thoroughfares, hitting the roadway and letting the Bagger eat, popping a couple of wheelies as the MPH climbs to what looks to be triple digit speeds. Whipping around a corner in the road, John stands the bike on its rear wheel and walks out a long wheel stand before sitting the front end back down.

From there, it’s a short run down the highway to the rendezvous with the rest of the riders, where John joins a gorgeous blonde on a custom Bagger and the whole crew heads out on their ride.