Since 16 March nationwide in Germany is the unification law prohibition of the rocker symbols.

This applies, among other things, to rock groups such as the “Hells Angels”, Panel MC or Bandidos. Under the motto “separated in the colors, united in the matter” the motorcycle clubs are now together in court and have already brought a lawsuit.

Support for the motorcycle clubs from the left policeman’s camp. “According to the Federal Government, the rockers’ clubs concerned have renounced the forbidden Kutten without notice and dismantled the signs from their club houses,” said Ulla Jelpke, the spokesperson for the political group of Die Group Left.

“A distraction”

“Even this law-based approach shows that the image of the rocker as a lawless riot broker is a distortion. I welcome the fact that the big rocking clubs have joined together to form a joint constitutional act against the association legislation, “she added.

Hells Angels boss: “Badges are sacred to us”

Lutz Schelhorn, the head of Hells Angels in Stuttgart, also commented on the Stuttgart news: “What we do not understand is that policymaking does not accept high-ranking litigation and simply changes the law. Of course, our badges are sacred to us, we wear them with pride, “explains Shelhorn.


“In this respect, the ban is very painful. But if the authorities believe that they hit us on the nerve, they deceive themselves. This leads to a solidarization of the scene across all groups. For the rest, I am sure: Just as the Federal Court of Justice finally turned a ban in 2015, it will come again. The suit is already running, “he added.