The Long-Abandoned Tucker Sno-Cats from a 1966 Antarctic Expedition

“In an unassuming barn on the outskirts of a unremarkable Belgian town, lie three Tucker Sno-Cat Type 743s, remnants of the Belgian/Dutch collaborative Antarctic expedition of 1966,” writes user jST on the UK Urbex forum.

The massive four-tracked snow vehicles made the journey to the South Pole in support of the Roi Baudoin Base, which had been established by Belgium – one of the 12 original signatories of the Antarctic Treaty – around 1958.


The fact that the Sno-Cat Type 743s made it back from Antarctica seems impressive, yet to have remained in quiet storage for almost half a century, relatively unscathed and away from the clutches of scrap dealers, makes their disposition all the more fascinating.

As Brian from Precious Decay remarked on his Flickr page: “These snowcats have made litterally a hell of a journey, but made it back home. Now they’re stuffed in a shed and are never to be used anymore. It’s a shame nobody cares about them….”

The abandoned Antarctic snow vehicles, however, aren’t alone. Stored in the barn alongside the monster machines is a rather forlorn vintage Peugeot car, though we doubt that ever made the trip to the most isolated region of the world.