Muslims ENRAGED: Infidel Biker Club Holds Ramadan BBQ And Pig Roast

A chapter of The Infidel Biker Club in El Paso is hosting a massive pig roast entitled: In Defiance of the Islamic Holiday Ramadan and will have an “anti-Islam” theme. The biker group predict about 150 people will turn up for the event and the Sheriff’s office will be monitoring it to “make sure the community is safe”.

There are freedoms in America that are protected by the constitution, and the most important of these is Freedom of Speech. When people try to “qualify” freedom of speech, they suggest that it does not imply the right to offend…But it does! Offense comes in many forms, and it is a subjective thing…We cannot and must not regulate free speech to stop people feeling offended.

The Infidel group are clearly trying to make a statement. They are not just doing this because they think it will annoy Muslim people, it is a protest as real and valid as any other. We can assume that they are protesting the fact that Islam is being a higher priority than other beliefs or groups in America, and this is their way of showing that the USA is still a free country.

Whether or not you agree with them, it is their right to have a BBQ and to call it whatever they want. This is still a nation that protects its citizen’s rights, and with folks like the Infidel Club around, it is likely to be so for a long time!