Open carry idiot wears ski mask, walks into police station with AK-47, shocked when treated as a threat

C’mon keyboard warriors, we know you’ve been creaming your jeans just waiting for this moment! That’s right, we’re calling this guy an idiot, and anyone with a sliver of common sense will see why.

Is it legal to walk around in a ski mask and carry an AK-47? Sure. Are you an asshole for doing so? Absolutely, and here’s why: you’re only doing it for attention and you’re not helping anyone.

The masked morons defend their stupidity saying, “We’re going to go in and file a complaint because we were illegally pulled over about an hour ago. We felt a little afraid for our lives as we were pulled over so we figured we better protect ourselves.”

Let’s assume for a moment that everything they are saying is true, and that they were pulled over illegally. Let’s assume they actually were scared for their safety and felt the need to arm themselves around police officers. There are countless other scenarios to express your displeasure with the police that do not involve intentionally kicking a hornet’s nest.

Actions like this are a complete waste of police resources and they undermine the efforts of responsible gun owners and carry advocates.

It is asinine to condemn anti-trump or black lives matter protesters on one hand and then praise “open carry activists” like this idiot. Protests that promote fear and panic are counter productive. Yes, freedom to protest should be protected in this country, but be aware that if you act like an asshat you’re going to get called out for it.

Just be honest with yourself, you’re not an “open carry activist.” If you do crap like this you’re not fighting for gun rights, you’re looking for some way to legitimize your personal disdain for law enforcement. Heck, your disdain may even be justified! But, please just stop flying the banner of “fighting to protect the 2nd amendment” to validate your pouting.

It wasn’t that long ago that officers in Dallas, Texas and Baton Rogue, Louisiana were ambushed and killed by people who took their disdain for LEOs to the limit. It is 100% reasonable for these officers to treat a jackwagon in a ski mask with an AK-47 strapped to his chest as a threat when he walks through their front door. The fact that they didn’t shoot him on sight is a tribute to their incredible restraint and conditioning to make the right choice under extreme pressure.

What do you think about the officer’s response?