Crazy Chick Tries To Pick Up Guy On Motorcycle

BACKSTORY: We just finished chilling at the Griffiths Observatory and decided to go to In-n-Out for “late night nomz”.

This girl came out of no where. Nobody in our group knew who she was. She is not an ex of the R1 rider.

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Tractor Fails So Terrifying Watching Them Is Illegal In 97 Countries, WATCH Wearing A Helmet!

Oh boy, these are some insane tractor fails.

In fact, these failing tractors are the greatest tractor crashes, wrecks, and sad happenings of the entire last year.

Click play and check out four minutes of idiot tractor fails that include a tractor pulling a big ol’ water tank crashing into some roadside trees, a farmer in some south-east Asian nation popping wheelies in a flooded rice paddy, another tractor with a high center of gravity crashing into the rear of a sitting tractor, a tractor dancing on its rear wheels in (I think) India, the craziest tractor tug of war you will ever see, a tractor speeding right into a deep river sans driver, and a horrific tractor trailer at the 1:22 mark that will give you nightmares 4ever!



An 18-year-old student at Ferndale High School was killed Monday during his first ride on a motorcycle, the Washington State Patrol and school officials report.

Tropers and medics responded to the scene, a few blocks from Ferndale’s Horizon Middle School near Monument Drive and Josie Lane, at about 3:35 p.m. after receiving reports of a serious crash involving a motorcycle.

The motorcyclist, later identified as Petr S. Shulga, 18, of Ferndale, was pronounced dead at the scene. His Honda CBR 600 motorcycle was found in a nearby retention pond, where it slid after the crash.

A preliminary investigation found that Shulga was heading north on Monument Drive when he lost control and struck a curb. He was thrown from the motorcycle and hit a pole.

State troopers said it appeared that excessive speed and inexperience were contributing factors in the crash.

“He was an inexperienced rider and this was his first time on a motorcycle,” the State Patrol said in a statement to the Ferndale School District. “He lost control of the motorcycle and hit a curb. Petr died at the scene from his injuries. His family was notified at the scene.”



VINELAND – Police are asking for help to catch the culprit throwing nails into the driveways of Vineland Industrial Park businesses.

The roofing nail toss is apparently an ongoing problem stretching back several years and resulting in more than 30 damaged tires, according to investigators.

On Sunday, police were alerted to yet another incident and obtained video of the suspect, a white male on motorcycle.

The latest reports came from Seren Industrial Power Systems in the 1600 block of Gallagher Drive and Compass Wire Cloth Corp. in the 1900 block of North Mill Road, which are about two miles apart.

If you can identify the suspect, the Vineland Police would like to hear from you.

Contact them by:

Text VPDTIP and your tip to 847411 (Tip411)
Call (856) 691-4111.



A young grocery store employee got herself soaked in the rain trying to help a customer due to the manager’s policy. What the customer said to the manager changed everything.

When I was a teenager, I worked for a big chain grocery store as a bagger, in the great state of Texas. I was 15 at the time. My managers name… let’s call him Jim. Jim was a very harsh on us. He treated us poorly, like we were beneath him; we never bagged quickly enough, or returned from customers’ cars fast enough, he claimed. He was the type of manager you hate to have.

On this particular day, we had a ‘severe thunderstorm’, as we call them here in Texas. Basically, a torrential downpour with loads of lightning strikes and amazingly loud thunderclaps. It was raining so hard, my jacket was even soaked through, even though I was wearing a poncho over it (which I had to pay for). It was winter. It was quite cold out. I was shivering, teeth chattering. This big, built guy, dressed like your typical biker comes through the lane I’m bagging for. He’s around 6’4″, probably over 225lbs. When I finish bagging his things, I ask if he’d like help out to his car:

Bikerdude: Are you kidding me?! Look at you! You’re already soaked! You must be freezing. They’re gonna make you go back out in this crap?!

Me: Well, yeah, I guess so…

Bikerdude: Where’s your manager? Is it that little nerd with the clipboard over there? The dry one in that stupid vest?

Me through laughter: Yeah, that’s Jim.

Bikerdude: HEY, JIM!

Bikerdude then storms over to where Jim is standing.

Bikerdude: Hey there JIM! Look at this kid. She’s soaked to the bone and cold! Why are you making these kids go out in this mess?

Jim: …hello… Um… Sir? Well, to help our customers…

Bikerdude: Well how ’bout you think of your employees for a quick second? Let them stay inside and warm up, dry off. C’mon man, be reasonable. This young woman was practically drenched when she got to me and I couldn’t help but notice her shivering in the rain. I gave her my jacket just so she wouldn’t catch a cold.

Jim: Well, sir, our customers need help out to their cars and…

Bikerdude: You know what, you’re right! They do! I need help to my car. And I want YOU to help me out there, Jim.

Jim: Uhhhhh… I have to uhhhhh stay and watch over the…

Bikerdude: What’s that saying? ‘The customer is always right?’ You’re helping me out to my car, Jim.

By this time, everyone was watching as Jim and Bikerdude strolled out with his basket. I went outside and stood under the covered entrance area to watch Jim get his; Bikerdude was in a truck, which was parked in the verrrrry back of the parking lot. By the time Jim got back, he was just as soaked as I was.

I acted like I was collecting carts, and took Jim’s from him; he had a horribly sour look on his face, which I, of course, enjoyed thoroughly. Bikerdude pulled by in his truck and waved me over and handed me a $20. He told me to go take a break and dry off with a hot meal and said he’d return for the jacket in a couple days; I said thanks and went back inside and asked Jim for a break. He begrudgingly told me to take as long of a break as I needed to dry off.

From that day on, Jim was always a lot nicer to us employees. He’d never tell us to go out in the rain and would often provide us with umbrellas if we decided to do so ourselves. He stopped being such a hard-ass and even became a little likeable.

To this day, I wonder what Bikerdude said to him to change his ways.


German courts have the legal right to forbid “Hells Angels” members from wearing their motorcycle jackets with “death’s head” insignia during trials as these could intimidate those involved, Germany’s top court ruled on Wednesday.

The Constitutional Court said wearing them was an “unacceptable showing of force that might intimidate and threaten the parties to the proceeding” and a ban was a “preventive condition for a safe and unimpaired trial”.

The court overruled a complaint lodged by Hell Angels’ member Rayk F., convicted by a civil court in Potsdam to one year prison for complicity in extortion in 2010.

He had forced the owner of a tattoo parlor to “cooperate” with Hells Angels, threatening to snap off his head and intimidating him by placing a dead sheep on his doorstep.

Rayk F. complained his trial was unfair since the presiding judge, in consultation with the police, prohibited him and his Hells Angels backers from wearing their motorcycle club’s jackets at the trial.


BATON ROUGE, La. — Video has surfaced of an incident from last April in which an officer pulled over a motorist he claimed was driving erratically and twice the posted speed limit, unaware that the driver was an off-duty police officer.

Officer David Stewart — who was off duty and outside his jurisdiction at the time — began pursuing a white pick-up truck when he noticed the driver going about 90 mph. The truck’s driver, Cpl. Brian L. Harrison, ignored the officer’s lights and siren for about a minute before pulling over, according to the Advocate.

“That’s what’s wrong with police officers like you,” Stewart can be heard saying to Harrison in the video, “You ought not be a police officer.

Harrison was not cited. However, he did send an email to Stewart after the incident lecturing the officer for going “AWOL.”

“I understand you are new and want to pull everyone over but please … sometimes give it a rest,” Harrison wrote, according to the Advocate. “The best thing you could have done was get on I-12 and go to work.”

The spat prompted an internal investigation that led to verbal counseling for both officers.

Harrison apologized “for any inconvenience this incident may have caused to all involved,” in a letter to his supervisors.

He acknowledged exceeding the speed limit and said he thought a colleague might have been playing a prank on him in trying to pull him over, according to the report.



A brave mother fought off three armed carjackers with her bare hands to save her children this week at a gas station near Hialeah, Florida

One of the would-be carjackers jumps in the driver’s seat of the red convertible while the other attempts to take a minivan on the other side of the pump.

Faced with every parents worst nightmare, this mother dove head first into combat to save her 1-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son from abduction.

With the strength of a furious mother bear protecting her cubs, this mother literally tosses the carjacker from her vehicle like a rag doll.

The suspects flee the scene in terror, but were quickly apprehended by police.

The three suspects, 19-year-old Nicholas Rosado, 21-year-old Rebecca Utria, and an unidentified 17-year-old male were arrested and charged with attempted carjacking and fleeing the police.


A motorcycle rider has come under attack from a leaping snake

Motorbike riders in Thailand are accustomed to all kinds of dangers in a country that has an extremely high road toll.
But one rider could not have been expecting a shocking wildlife encounter as he enjoyed a scenic ride through the mountains.
Video captured the moment he came under attack from a flying snake, which leapt toward him as he rode through jungle in Lampang, in the country’s north.

The incredible footage initially appears innocuous, with the man riding casually in a bushland area.

While riding through the mountainous stretch of road, the man can be seen moving to the left of his lane.

Suddenly, a long object appears in the middle of the road and begins slithering in the direction of the motorbike rider.

As the motorbike rider slows down to and tries to take evasive action, the huge snake leapt into mid-air in an effort to attack him.


People with family or friends in law enforcement seem to think they can duck the law when it heads their way.

However, when it comes to drunk driving, no one is going to help you out of that bind!

This woman tried to pass off a Blockbuster Rental Card as her ID when initially encountered but then fell back on her defense that her brother is a cop and she’s only a few blocks from home.