A HEROIC truck driver says his “natural instinct” compelled him to intervene when a violent thug ramraided a service station late at night.

The shocking video footage from March 13 shows a white ute slamming into the doors of the 7-Eleven as the lone employee locks himself in the backroom.

The thug uses a sledgehammer and crowbar to pry his way into the store, raiding the cash register.

The attacker is interrupted by a good samaritan truck driver and his son. Picking up a crowbar, the driver fends off the thug as police arrive on the scene.

he thief flees, leaving police to chase on foot and the truck drivers in pursuit behind the wheel of a police van.

Following a short pursuit, the attacker crashes his car and is arrested.

Speaking to 3AW this morning, the truck driver Peter said he first pulled over when he saw something amiss.

“I just noticed the guy having a big sledgehammer in his hand and I thought ‘that’s not right, he’s not buying nothing there’.”

Despite hitting the perpetrator “over ten” times, the thug continued to fight.

“I thought that I killed him there, I thought ‘you’ve got to be joking me’. Is this kid a robot or something?

“Every time I hit him, he’s just laughing at me.”

The brazen robbery is another in a week of violent crime across the state.

On Friday, a Canterbury jeweller was targeted in its second robbery in 10 weeks and the day after, a Toorak Rd jeweller was burgled.

On Monday morning, CBD clothing store Culture Kings was hit in a smash-and-grab robbery.



While boating might look like a process that’s pretty much straightforward as you stab the throttle and go, I guarantee you that there are many more intricacies than meet the eye. As you might have seen on the pages of the Internet, there are plenty of ways that you can go about screwing up a perfectly good day on the water to make that dream turn into a nightmare with just a couple of careless steps.

This time, we catch up with a boater who messed up so bad that it almost looks like he was doing it all on purpose. We tune in and watch as this guy comes up to the shore to beach the boat but ends up going too far into the throttle and not slowing down at all. That’s where things go incredibly wrong.

The Greatest Motorcycle Fail Compilation Ever

This is apparently one of the greatest compilation ever to be made about motorcycles, although it is not all fail like the title would have you thinking, since there are some pretty awesome parts of the compilation. 

We are not going to spoil it for you, so klick on the video and see why this compilation has more than 15 million views.



If This Doesn’t Stop You From Texting and Driving, Nothing Will !!!

YES it is a fake video the Rigby High School created the idea behind it to bring awareness to teenage drivers. The Fire Fighters and EMT’s are real the Ambulance, Paramedics and the Cops are real.

They all volunteered their time to help the Rigby High school students show the world the dangers of texting and driving. The procedures that are used in this videos are used every day by fire fighters and EMT’s at real senses of real accidents.

This video was put together by the students and volunteers to bring awareness and share it with the world. Special thanks to everyone for helping make this video possible.


Here is the back story, a sport bike rider is heading home and for the most part he is behaving as best as a biker can behave, we mean this guy is riding that bike at less than 10% of its abilities and is following the flow of traffic.

Well for the most part, since if you have ever ridden a machine like this one where the power to weight ratio is close to 1000hp per ton, you know that a tiny unnoticeable twist of the throttle in any gear will take you over the speed limit in a second.

A short while later and a few questionable lane changes, he is being pulled over by a very professional Police officer.



You Can Remove Rusted Nuts Just By Using A Candle And A Lighter

Life hacks are all over the internet these days, and there are some that are extremely good and usable and some that are just plain dumb and useless.

To be honest with you, this one sounded like the second version of tips and tricks, but wait for it…

Once you play the video you will not be able to believe it probably but once we read the comments bellow, it actually sounds like this simple trick actually works.



When you see a train rolling down the tracks and a vehicle stuck in its path, generally it’s not going to be so good for the vehicle as the train will plow through it and just keep on rolling until the brakes are able to do their job and bring the heavyweight to a halt down the tracks a bit.

This time, however, we stop in a situation where an 18 wheeler hauling an excavator seems to have become stuck on the tracks and when a train comes bearing down on the construction equipment, it isn’t exactly a situation where it’s able to keep on moving with this momentum.

Instead of plowing right through it, the train instead comes to an almost immediate halt, taking all of the momentum from the super heavy transportation and bringing it down to zero. That one had to leave a mark for anyone who was on board and probably flew forward in the process.

Check out the video down below as the abrupt stop is all captured on camera. It sounds like the people on hand didn’t even know what to think when the collision happened! I’m not really sure that I would know what to say in a spot like that, either.


Say Goodbye To Ramps And Scrapes With These Remote Control Airbagged Trailers!

Getting your lowered car on a trailer has never been easier, well aware that we might sound like an infomercial, we still have to show you this great product that will help you say goodbye to all you loading and unloading problems that you face every time you try to load a vehicle on a trailer.

The limitations on the airbags, are rated at 4 400 lbs. so as long as your car is bellow this threshold you won’t have a care in the world.

The trailer has all the other amenities like LED taillights and an electric winch for those times that your lowered vehicle refuses to get on it voluntarily. Play the video and see the magic happen.