Wheelie gone bad – big bike accident

Watch as biker riding wheelies loops out wheelie at high speed leaving a trial of bright sparks lighting up the road as stunter crashes very hard in assault in wheelie epic fail.

The make & model of the sport bike shown in this motorcycle wreck video clip is a 2004-2005 Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R or ZX10 custom build stunt bike for doing extreme freestyle motorcycle stunts on the streets!

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Guy gets instant karma when he tried to run over motorcyclist

This guy gets instant karma when he tried to run over motorcyclist. How can this situation taste after all?

Like a broken nose or cut lip? Most likely yes! Street is a great place if you are looking for trouble, it is to a great degree very risky. Particularly when it is a truck versus bicycle type of circumstance. These bikers were about killed by a man in a truck who was going the other way.

We do not have the foggiest idea about the true foundation of the story, however we are with the bikers in this one. He jeopardizes their lives by putting his truck, so one of the motorcyclists gives him some appropriately harsh criticism.

The truck driver gets completely dropped and this is wrong thing to do. Trucks are very big and you don’t want to mess with truck drivers.

But, this guy gets instant karma because he did a bad thing. Don’t every try to do something like this – ever.

Bikers are good guys, and no matter what kind of situation you find yourself, there is always nice way to resolve any issue. Check this video where Guy gets instant karma when he tried to run over biker, we believe he is not so happy about this situation.

Share this video of guy and instant karma and show your family and friends that they must not do bad things to anyone, because destiny will get them one day, sometimes right away.

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This is the result of your actions when you’re just a little bit too redneck for your own good! When these gentlemen were stuck out on the water, they tried to come up with a creative solution for their problems.

All that we can really make out is “bug spray” and “redneck ether” (starting fluid) then the next thing we know is the engine is making a loud, exploding sound and all of the boat’s occupants are flying into the water.

Check out the video below as the hilarity goes down in front of our eyes. The rooster at the end really puts the cherry on the sundae that is this hilarious video.


1935 Chevy is the Coolest Tow You’ve Ever Seen

One of the best drives that you can take sometimes is the drive to a motor show, since you will see many car enthusiasts, share opinions learn new stuff and make new friends that have similar interests.
This was the drive that a couple of guy were taking in a 350 Chev Powered FC Station Sedan when they happened to stumble upon something that looked like a huge banana on wheels.
Turns out it is a 1935 Chevy flatbed truck or in other words the most amazing tow truck that has ever hit the streets.

Play the video and see those amazing details like the extremely oversized whitewalls with custom suspension and tons of modifications.


Craziest Stunt Ever, One-Mile Super Jump over the Border between Canada and USA

In the early 1970’s car stunts were much more dangerous than they are today. Back then, they had limited formulas and lacked the aid of computer simulation technology.

The old days of car stunts were much different than today.
Today we have the aid of ample safety technology, unique camera equipment, and computer graphics.

Not everything you see today is real, even though it may be portrayed as factual.
Today’s stunt jockey lacks the edge that the early stuntmen craved. Car stunts used to be extremely dangerous compared to the easy stunts we have today.


18 Year Old Alex Taylor runs a 8 second quarter mile.. and she does it all herself!

Meet Alex Taylor, just 18 years old, who currently holds the record of being the youngest ever competitor at Drag Week.

She rolls in a twin-turbo 6.0-litre LS-engined Chevrolet Camaro with an estimated 1300bhp to belt down the quarter-mile, carving it up in the mid 7’s!

Girls take note, this is pretty much every rev head guys dream girl!

Check her out in the clip below! Awesome!


How Is This Even Possible? Is He The Best Bike Stunter Ever!? 40M Views!

Besides the engine power and torque, we pay a great deal of attention to human talent as well, meaning that we share powerful vehicles but also the gifted drivers and bikers have their own rightful place on this website. And the biker you are about to watch has justified his rightful place here on Muscle Cars Zone thousands of times!

It is a word of the Polish motorbike master Rafal Pasierbek, also known as Stunter 13! This performance of his always leaves us speechless, no matter how many times we`ve seen it already, making it almost impossible to find the right words in order to praise this spectacular gearhead! No wonder he won the 1st place at this edition of Stunt Grand Prix!

However, it is always good to remind that it is important to possess the talent, but it`s more important to practice. We believe that Stunter 13 has spent countless hours in order to perform the tricks you are going to watch. That just does not happen overnight. Also, the large number of views and shares speak for themselves.

Rafal Pasierbek makes the front wheel and rear wheel wheelie, while sitting on the gas tank, look like a child`s play. Plus, doing burnouts like nobody before, jumping on the bike whilst performing a wheelie are just a fraction of the tricks you are about to watch. Enjoy!


ZR48 CORVETTE BOAT Powered By Mercury Racing Twin Turbo Marine Engines Delivering 2.700 Horsepower !!!

After a thorough research for the best Muscle Cars videos, we have come up with something that left us speechless and we couldn`t wait to share it with you. It is a word about an amazing video featuring the long-talked 2,700HP ZR48 CORVETTE BOAT in action! All media headlines were filled up with this Darth Vader`s palace on water when it came out for the first time, but now, we finally have a decent video where we can see this Dark King in an attention-grabbing action.

Anyways, this video is recorded in the right moment! Namely, the guy recording, turned on his camera right when this ZR48 Corvette boat was trying to get away from the coast guard. And it did it with no difficulties at all. After that, this boat is recorded speeding way off shore at a velocity of something between 85 and 100 miles per hour. Because getting away from the coast guard was not enough, this boat came back closer to the shore. But eventually, it will have to be loaded on a trailer at a certain point.

This astonishing MTI built ZR1 Corvette themed Speedboat is powered by two Mercury Racing Twin Turbo Marine Engines and it is fully carbon-fibered! Thanks to the engines and the lightness, it can develop 2700 horses on water, which is, without a doubt a massive power for a boat. Nevertheless, not only the exterior and machine look stunning, this ZR48 Corvette boat has an impressive interior as well. It includes 8.000W stereo system, 24.000 BTU AC system, Apple TV and private Wi-Fi connection. If you ever thought of buying this marvelous ZR48 beauty, then be prepared to spend $1.7 MILLION! Besides the boat, this price also includes the trailer as well! That would be all from us!


NYPD Officer Redirects Motorcyclist Like A Boss

Because the media as a whole tends to thrive on sensationalism, we usually only hear about the bad things police officers do.

The truth is that most of them are good people who joined the force to help people, not harm them.

That’s one guy who definitely won’t assume police officers are out to get him in the future.