This is the moment a group of Good Samaritans rushed to the aid of female biker who was attacked by thugs on mopeds who were trying to snatch her motorbike.

Dramatic footage shows the victim, wearing red and white biker leathers, attempting to wrestle a thug off her bike in Sutton, south London as he tried to make off with it.

The would-be thief lashes out at the owner, punching the woman, aged in her 40s, in the face.

A man and woman rush to the rider’s aid and pull the bike to the ground, shoving the attacker away during the clip, filmed by a witness from a nearby window.

A hooded accomplice steps in to protect the thief and pushes the woman.

The yob then flees empty-handed from the scene on the back of another gang member’s moped.



Doesn’t it piss you off when you come across a cop who doesn’t use a turn signal or fails to come to a full stop at a stop sign then has the balls to pull you over for doing the same?

Imagine instead that you were pulled over by a cop who’s clearly drunk as a skunk.

That’s exactly what happened here!

Or maybe it’s just a funny sketch the police department is doing…



Cool Boss Rewards His Employee With a Harley Sportster Motorcycle Surprise!

When Raul mentioned to his boss that he has always dreamed of owning a harley davidson motorcycle, he had no idea he was picking the surprise reward for all his hard work.

The way Raul reacts to seeing a mystery gift in the shape of a motorcycle under a tarp, is absolutely priceless.

I have to admit, I would be just as excited myself. When Raul finally gets to unveil the motorcycle and finds that it is a candy painted Harley Davidson Sportster 883, he is floored!

Could you imagine how hard everyone would work, if we knew we were working for a new motorcycle?



Jay Dobyns knows the Hells Angels like his own family.

That’s because for two years, he was one of them — or at least they thought so.

“I played pool with them, drank beer with them at their clubhouses, held their babies, slept at their houses,” he said.

“I was a Hells Angel. I was a part of their world.”

From 2001 to 2003, Dobyns was a United States federal special agent working undercover to delve into the operations of the world’s most notorious biker clubs.

After performing a “murder,” — which he actually faked using lamb’s blood on a fellow agent — Dobyns gained approval from them, became a full-patched member and managed to make his way into the group’s inner circles.

It was a convincing act in a dark world of violence and crime.

Dobyns was shot in the chest, got caught up in riots with rival clubs, befriended murderers and rapists and rubbed shoulders with the organization’s elite.

He became the first law enforcement officer to successfully defeat the club’s multi-layered security measures, according to his website. His infiltration resulted in police bringing down 50 of some of the most dangerous club members. Dobyns — who tells his story in the New York Times’ best-selling book ‘No Angel: My harrowing undercover journey in the inner circle of the Hells Angels. — knows what Hells Angels are capable of and it’s not pretty.

“That same guy who I sat across the table from, the same guy whose baby I held, he cut off a woman’s head because she wouldn’t have sex with him,” he said.

“Most of them are good guys as long as you’re doing what they want. But cross them and you’ll pay the price.

“That’s what they’re like.”

Yet, many men across the world are drawn to the patch and try desperately to become a biker club member, he said.

“The initial attraction is the romanticism of that culture. You want to be the rebel, the modern-day cowboy. It’s the sexiness, the glamour of it,” he said during a telephone interview from his hometown in Arizona. “But when you become involved in the Hells Angels, you quickly realize that it’s international organized crime and the stakes are so high.

“The reality is it’s a nasty, dirty, grimy, blood world.”

This province hasn’t been excluded from the Hells Angels’ influence.


See what the US Navy and USMC do for fun in the middle of nowhere

When your on a ship like the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, the ocean is your own private swimming pool.

The series of incredible photos below shows members of the armed forces enjoying the great down-time tradition of “swim call.’

Basically “swim call” is when a massive ship stops in the middle of the ocean and lets the sailors and Marines jump in the water to help maintain morale.

In years past some sailors were placed on “shark watch” from a mounted .50 cal machine gun during swim call.

There’s also a SAR swimmer on call acting as a lifeguard.

The gallery below shows sailors and Marines jumping off destroyers and and carriers deployed around the world.

Have you ever been on swim call?



This Wynnum Biker Has Been Stopped Over 21 Times Since He Bought His Harley!

Police harassment has hit an all time low in the town of Queensland, Australia.

It has finally become evident to motorcycle enthusiast from all over.

This after a viral video was posted of a biker being obviously harassed by multiple police for wearing his clubs vest.

To say this is upsetting would be a major understatement.

One of our fans sent a link to this video a couple days back, and it got the guys in an uproar.

We watched the whole video, and shared the same looks of disgust for the entire clip.

Harley Davidson rider James Evans, who has been stopped a startling 21 times since buying his fatboy motorcycle in 2012, finally filmed his latest incident. Queensland Police Media have responded to Jamie’s video saying riders and the public have “nothing to fear” from the increased police presence. Jamie is a member of the Misfits Social Motorcycle Club and wears a “Misfits” vest when he rides. “I’ve been advised by the police on many occasions to take the vest off, but I will always wear my vest. I’m proud of it,” he says. However, the harassment has now got to the stage where he says he can’t take his nine-year-old son for a ride. “How do you explain to a nine-year-old that police aren’t bad but I ride a bike so they see me as being bad. He’d lose any respect he has for the police,” he says. Despite the grilling by several police, Jamie filmed the whole incident and managed to keep his sense of humor.


ISIS use toy drone to drop homemade bomb on Abrams tank

ISIS is all too familiar with being on the receiving end of a drone strike, but disturbing footage uploaded by an ISIS supporter suggests they’re experimenting with drones too.

Iraqi forces have already reported low-budget “aerial strikes” from little more than toy drones equipped with homemade bombs. The DoD has already started researching countermeasures to the cheap but deadly ISIS drones like the one featured in the video below.

Concern about weaponized hobbyist drones has been around for years, but only recently has an actual threat emerged.

According to reports in the New York Times, Kurdish forces fighting ISIS in Northern Iraq captured a small reconnaissance drone no bigger than a model airplane late in 2016. By October of 2016 American commanders in Iraq issued warnings about small hobbyist drones equipped with explosive devices.

Iraqi forces have captured some of these weaponized drones that have been modified to house a small “bomblet” that can be deployed by the controller. The DoD is reportedly investigating a variety of countermeasures not limited to laser guided anti-air projectiles and broadband jamming technology.

As drones become more and more commonplace in civilian life, it is only a matter of time before they are used by terrorists for extreme acts of violence in highly populated areas.


Texan builds fully functional Gatling gun from 6 SKS rifles

This true American badass has made a one of a kind Gatling gun from 6 SKS rifles.

After removing the butt stocks, he mounted the rifles into the Gatling rotary device powered by a hand crank like a traditional 19th Century Gatling gun.

As each rifle passes through the cylce the trigger is depressed. It seems pretty clean and can fire as fast as you can spin the crank. Watch him try a 60 round demo in the video below.


Sweet 1/4 scale F-16 takes flight with a fully functional jet turbine engine

While the vast majority of us will never sit behind the stick of a real F-16, some will be able to live out their fighter pilot dreams with this RC jet.

This 1/4 scale F-16 “Fighting Falcon” by General Dynamics features a fully functional turbine engine.

Watch it take flight in the video below!

Make sure you get some practice time in with a prop plane first, this bad boy is not for beginners!