A Chicago thug thought that he was a tough guy at a gas station last month when he approached the vehicle of a random motorist, but surveillance video shows he soon learned that he messed with the wrong white guy…and he sorely regretted it.

The incident occurred on April 8, however, police have now released the video taken at a BP gas station in Elmwood Park, where 43-year-old Ronald Morales approached the vehicle of an unidentified man while holding a gun after the pair made eye contact. Morales wasn’t provoked, but he apparently wanted to make a point to the white man driving the car, and the mistake proved to be a fatal one.

The Daily Mail has video of the shocking moment the pair got into a gunfight in broad daylight:

From the Daily Mail:

Police say on April 8, at 4:52pm, Morales made eye contact with a man who was pumping gas into his vehicle.

Morales exited the convenience store at the BP gas station on Grand Avenue in Elmwood Park.

He walked over to the car and pulled out his gun.
By then, the man who had been pumping gas was back in his vehicle.

Morales opened the passenger door of the car and then closed it before speaking to the man inside through the window.

The man felt he was in danger, according to police, and exited his vehicle armed with his own gun – and the two exchanged gunfire.

After about five seconds, Morales ran away, but not before he was hit with bullets, and the other man sped off.

Unfortunately for Morales, he died a short time later from his injuries. As for the driver, police said that since he was legally carrying a firearm (a rarity in Chicago) and was forced to defend himself, he won’t be charged with anything whatsoever.

So for a change, the good guy is getting a happy ending to his story; an event even rarer in Chicago than someone legally carrying a gun.