Tractor Fails So Terrifying Watching Them Is Illegal In 97 Countries, WATCH Wearing A Helmet!

Oh boy, these are some insane tractor fails.

In fact, these failing tractors are the greatest tractor crashes, wrecks, and sad happenings of the entire last year.

Click play and check out four minutes of idiot tractor fails that include a tractor pulling a big ol’ water tank crashing into some roadside trees, a farmer in some south-east Asian nation popping wheelies in a flooded rice paddy, another tractor with a high center of gravity crashing into the rear of a sitting tractor, a tractor dancing on its rear wheels in (I think) India, the craziest tractor tug of war you will ever see, a tractor speeding right into a deep river sans driver, and a horrific tractor trailer at the 1:22 mark that will give you nightmares 4ever!