Ultimate Airplane Fails Compilation! These Pilots Had A Really Bad Day At Work!

Although most vehicles are easy to operate and learning how to maneuver them is relatively easy, this can`t be said about airplanes. These machines are very complex and require vast knowledge before you can fly one. Today, we are sharing an airplane fails compilation video which contains landings and takeoffs that have gone wrong!

Sometimes it is the pilot`s fault, sometimes the weather is just too bad to handle, but in the end, all of these guys had a bad day at work! You will see pretty much every possible scenario in this compilation, from horrible crashes, to hesitant pilots, to actually decent landings.

Many of these crashes are from military jets, where the pilots are trying to show off too hard. Luckily, they are trained to eject the second they sense the danger. In another instance, a commercial plane is trying to land in heavy crosswind, but he actually does a great job and lands the plane safely. Several times you will see pilots who try to land, but then change their mind in the last second! All in all, this airplane fails compilation is filled with all kinds of possible situations. Watch the video below to see all the fails in one place!