Watch This Automatic Bollard Demolish a Would-Be Terrorist Truck in an Instant

Security is a big topic in 2016 as we learn more of the lengths people are going through as well as their capabilities of being hostile. We have to worry about gunmen, riots, protestors, school shooters, terrorists and a billion other things that could ruin our lives at any point in time, and our media is keen on pointing that fact out. Yes, there’s a lot of scaremongering going on in this world for one cause or another, but continually pointing it out and offering no real help doesn’t do anything for anyone.

Luckily there are people out there doing everything they can to improve security measures all around the globe, and this nifty remodel works like a monster!

This automatic bollard is an absolute monster when compared to our current pop-up poles. Instead of utilising single poles grouped close together this mechanism functions like a flip trap that quickly pops up when needed. The contraption is so powerful that a semi truck speeding down the test track slams into it and it doesn’t budge an inch, instead the truck itself is absolutely torn apart on the moment of impact!