[WATCH] Black Man Body Slams Cop, But 50,000 Volts Turn It Around QUICK

A black man was recently caught on video in quite the scuffle with two police officers, even managing to body slam one of them. Unfortunately for him, 50,000 volts turned the situation around in an awful hurry.

Although there isn’t much information given on the video, as soon as it flips on, the man in question is fighting with police. As we all know, no matter the circumstance, this type of behavior always puts you in the wrong, but this man seemed determined to get away no matter the cost.

Viewers watch as the three men – one suspect and two police officers – flip over one another before squaring off again. Though one might think the officers have the upper hand, it isn’t long before the man they’re trying to subdue takes control.

Without warning, he charges one officer and body slams him on the ground before continuing to wrestle with him. Unfortunately for him, things were about to take a turn.

As one of the officers has the man by the head, the other regains his composure and reaches for his utility belt. Before long, the plan becomes abundantly clear as the second officer draws his taser, raises the non-lethal weapon, and fires the eclectic probes into the suspect’s body.

 Just like that, the fight is over as every one of the man’s muscles tenses up, leaving him lying in the fetal position on the floor. After the first five second pulse is sent through his body, it doesn’t seem as though he’s quite ready to comply, but a second pull of the trigger, and another 5 seconds later, he’s ready to do as he’s told.

Following officers every command immediately at this point, the video cuts out as the officers are preparing to cuff the man.

In yet another video of police officers doing everything right despite being put in danger, this video won’t be seen anywhere on the mainstream media. These officers did everything in their power to bring this man into custody unharmed and deployed non-lethal force in order to ensure that was the outcome.

As this doesn’t fit the whole “white cops hate black people” and “cops are murderers” narratives currently being circulated by the left, it’s no wonder it’s not being reported on. It’s cops like these that keep our streets safe without getting the credit they deserve.